CBRN Defence Market Report 2016-2026

Feb 09, 2016, 09:00 ET from Visiongain

LONDON, February 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Analysis of Top Companies & Forecasts of Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Detection, Protection, Decontamination, Simulation & Training Equipment

Our new study reveals trends, market progress, and predicted revenues
Overall world revenue for CBRN defence will reach $11,275m in 2016, our work calculates. Where is the CBRN defence market heading? If you are involved in this sector you must read this brand new report. Visiongain's report shows you the potential revenues streams to 2026, assessing data, trends, opportunities and business prospects there.

Discover How to Stay Ahead
Our 424 page report provides 348 tables, charts, and graphs. Read on to discover the most lucrative areas in the CBRN industry and the future market prospects. Our new study lets you assess forecast sales at overall world market and regional level. You will see financial results, interviews, trends, opportunities, and revenue predictions. Much opportunity remains in this growing CBRN defence market.

Forecasts from 2016-2026 and other analyses reveal the commercial prospects
• In addition to revenue forecasting to 2026, our new study provides you with recent results, growth rates, and market shares.
• You will find original analyses, with business outlooks and developments.
• Discover qualitative analyses (including SWOT analysis), product profiles and commercial developments.
• Read the full transcripts of 3 exclusive expert opinion interviews from industry specialists informing your understanding and allowing you to assess prospects for investments and sales, including:
- William F. Hesse, Military & Civil Defence Business Development Manager - Americas,Scott Safety
- Ahti Luukkonen, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Environics OY
- James Milnes - Director, Hasta (UK) Ltd

Discover sales predictions for the world market and submarkets
Along with revenue prediction for the overall world market, you will find revenue forecasts to 2026 for the following submarkets:
- Detection
- Protection
- Decontamination
- Simulation and Training

Our investigation discusses what stimulates and restrains business. You will understand the dynamics of the industry and assess its potential future sales, discovering the critical factors likely to achieve success.

Read which CBRN technologies are creating the business opportunities
- See details of 350 CBRN contracts, projects and programmes

What are the prospects in the leading regions and countries?
You will discover individual revenue forecasts for 9 leading national markets + RoW from 2016-2026:
- Brazil
- France
- Germany
- India
- Israel
- Japan
- South Korea
- United Kingdom
- United States
- RoW

As well as unprecedented qualitative analysis of a further FOUR national markets in the Rest of the World section for China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

There will be growth in established CBRN defence markets and in developing countries. Our analyses show that South Korea in particular, will continue to achieve high revenue growth to 2026. Geopolitical tensions and terrorist threats worldwide, coupled with development in CBRN defence technology will continue to influence the market.

Leading companies and the potential for market growth
Overall world revenue for CBRN defence will reach $11,275m in 2016, our work calculates. We predict steady revenue growth through to 2026. Increasing investment from emerging countries like India and increasing demand for detection and protection systems & technologies will increase sales to 2026.
Our work identifies which organisations hold the greatest potential. Discover their capabilities, progress, and commercial prospects, helping you stay ahead.

What issues will affect the CBRN defence industry?
Our new report discusses the issues and events affecting the CBRN defence market. You will find discussions, including qualitative analyses of:
• Chemical Weapons and Terrorism
• Bioterrorism & the Ebola Virus
• Worldwide modernisation programmes
• Persistent high barriers to entry

You will see discussions of technological, commercial, and economic matters, with emphasis on the competitive landscape and business outlooks.

How the CBRN defence report helps you
In summary, our 424 page report provides you with the following knowledge:
• Revenue forecasts to 2026 for the world CBRN defence market and 4 submarkets- discover the industry's prospects, finding the most lucrative places for investments and revenues
• Revenue forecasts to 2026 for the leading 9 national markets - Brazil, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom and the United States.
• Further qualitative analysis of four national markets in the Rest of the World section: China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
• Predicted revenues of 4 leading CBRN defence submarkets to 2026 - see the potentials of top products
• Discussion of what stimulates and restrains companies and the market
• Prospects for established firms and those seeking to enter the market
• View opinions from our survey, seeing interviews with authorities

You will find quantitative and qualitative analyses with independent predictions. You will receive information that only our report contains, staying informed with this invaluable business intelligence.

Information found nowhere else
With our survey you are less likely to fall behind in knowledge or miss opportunity. See how you could benefit your research, analyses, and decisions. Also see how you can save time and receive recognition for commercial insight.

Visiongain's study is for everybody needing commercial analyses for the CBRN defence market and leading companies. You find data, trends and predictions.

Buy our report today CBRN Defence Market Report 2016-2026: Analysis of Top Companies & Forecasts of Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Detection, Protection, Decontamination, Simulation & Training Equipment. Avoid missing out - order our report now.

Companies Mentioned  

1st Detect Corporation

3d-Radar AS

3M Canada

908 Devices


ADT Corporation

ADT Security Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

ADT Security Services do Brasil Ltda

ADT Security Services SA (Argentina)

Advanced Concept Technologies International

Advanced Scientific (Asi)

Aerius Photonics LLC

Aeryon Labs inc

Affymetrix Inc

Agentase LLC

Agilent Technologies Inc

Ahura Scientific Inc

Air Control Technologies Inc

Air Techniques International Inc

AirBoss Engineered Products Inc

AirBoss Flexible ProductsCo

AirBoss of America Corporation

AirBoss Rubber Compounding (NC) Inc.

AirBoss-Defense Inc

AirSense Technology Ltd

Alfa Aesar

Allen Vanguard Corporation

Allen Vanguard Counter-Threat Solutions

Alliance Integrated Systems, Inc.

Allied Defense Group, Inc

Alloy Surfaces Company, Inc.

Alluviam, LLC

AMDEX Corporation



AMI Software

Analysed Images Ltd

Andair AG

ANP Technologies Inc

Ansell Protective Solutions

Applied Research Associates

AQuate Corporation

Argon Electronics


Armourguard Security limited

Artemis Control AG

Asia Enterprises Private Ltd


Asynchrony Solutions Inc

Athena Diagnostics

Atkore International

Atox Bio

Automated Security Limited

Automess GmbH

Avon Engineered Fabrications, Inc

Avon Group Limited UK

Avon Hi-Life, Inc

Avon International Safety Instruments, Inc

Avon Polymer Products Limited

Avon Protection Systems

Avon Protection Systems UK Limited

Avon Protection Systems, Inc

Avon Rubber & Plastics, Inc

Avon Rubber Italia S.r.l.

Avon Rubber Overseas Limited

Avon Rubber Plc

Avox Systems Inc

B3 Solutions Inc

Babcock International

Babcock Wanson France

Babcock Wanson Italiana

Babcock Wanson Maroc

Babcock Wanson Russia

Babcock Wanson UK Ltd

Babcock Wanson USA LLC

BAE Systems Plc

Battelle Memorial Institute

BCF Solutions Inc

Beijing Master Systems Engineering

Bentel Security S.r.l.

Bertin Corp (USA)

Bertin Ergonomie

Bertin Expertise and Innovative Processes

Bertin IT

Bertin Pharma SAS

Bertin Services

Bertin Services Aerospace

Bertin Systems & Instrumentation

Bertin Technologies

Bertin Technologies SAS

Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd

Bharar Electronics Ltd'

Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL)

BioFire Defense LLC

Biofire Diagnostics Inc


Bioquell Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Bioquell China

Bioquell Defense Inc

Bioquell Holding SAS

Bioquell Hong Kong Ltd

Bioquell Plc

Bioquell Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd

Bioquell UK Ltd

Bioquell, Inc

Block Engineering

Block Mems LLC

Blücher GmbH

Blücher UK

BMK Consultants

BOIS Filtry Ltd

Booz Allen Hamilton

Bowhead Systems Management LLC

Bruhn NewTech Inc

Bruker Austria GmbH

Bruker AXS GmbH

Bruker Belgium SA/NV

Bruker BioSpin AG

Bruker Biospin GmbH

Bruker BioSpin International AG

Bruker BioSpin Scandinavia AB

Bruker Calid Group

Bruker Corporation

Bruker Daltonics Srl

Bruker Daltonik GmbH

Bruker Elemental GmbH

Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies Inc

Bruker Italia Srl

Bruker Nano GmbH

Bruker Optik GmbH

Bruker Physik GmbH

Bruker UK

Bruker's Thermal Analysis,

Building Protection Systems Inc

CACI Technologies Inc

Camber Corporation

Camelbak Products

Camlock Ltd



Carestream Health


Celerity Government Solutions LLC

Center for Tribology Inc


Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Inc

Chem Image Bio Threat LLC

Chemguard Inc

Chemring Australia Pty ltd

Chemring Countermeasures Ltd

Chemring Defence Germany GmbH

Chemring Defence UK Ltd

Chemring Detection Systems

Chemring Enegertic Devices Inc

Chemring Energetic Devices' Clear Lake

Chemring Energetics UK Ltd

Chemring EOD Ltd

Chemring Group Plc

Chemring Marine

Chemring Nobel AS

Chemring Ordnance Inc

Chemring Sensors & Electronic Systems (USA)

Chemring Technology Solutions Ltd (UK)

Chimerix Inc

Cleveland Biolabs Inc

CNIM Azerbaijan Ltd

CNIM Babcock Wanson central Europe

CNIM Bahrain Co WLL

CNIM Canada Inc

CNIM Engineers FZC

CNIM Group

CNIM Hong Kong Ltd



CNIM Saudi

CNIM Singapore



Combat Medical Systems LLC

Computer Sciences Corp.

Cortman Textiles Ltd

COSMOS Feuerloeschgeraetebau GmbH

Countervail Corporation


Crew Systems Corporation

Cristanini Spa

Cross Match Technologies Inc,

Cryonix, Inc

CSS Dynamac

CTE - CNIM Transport Equipment

Cubic Applications Inc.


Culmen International LLC

CureVac GmbH

Dass Hitachi

Data Systems Analysts Inc

Davis-Paige Management Systems LLC

Defense Group Inc

Defentect Group Inc

Deloitte LLP

DEW Engineering & Development ULC

DHS Systems LLC

DigitalOptics Corporation's Micro-Optics

Dionex Corporation

DJI Innovations

Doe & Ingalls

Domain X Technologies LLC


Dovel Technologies

Dräger Safety AG & Co KGaA

Drew Marine Germany GmbH

DRS Technologies Inc


DuPont Industrial Biosciences


Dycor Technologies Ltd

Dynamac Corporation

Dynasil Corporation

EADS North America (Airbus Group)

EBCO Systems Ltd

ECA Robotics

ECS Federal Inc

Elite KL Ltd

Ellipse Pharmaceuticals

Elusys Therapeutics Inc


Emergent BioSolutions Inc


Engility Corporation

Engility Holdings Inc

Environics OY

ERP International LLC

Esterline Corp

European Munitions Businesses


Evolva SA

Exacq Technologies


Extech Instruments Corporation

Federal Resources

Field Forensics Inc


Fire Products GP Holding, LLC

Fire Safety International Ltd

First Line Technology LLC

Fisher BioSciences Japan, KK

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