CBS News Features Dr. Ashraf Hanna Discussing How IV Ketamine is Successfully Treating Lyme Disease

Feb 22, 2016, 13:30 ET from

TAMPA, Fla., Feb. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- CBS news just broadcast a featured story on Lyme disease and its far-reaching complications. There are over 400,000 new cases of the disease diagnosed each year, and the rate has been increasing dramatically.

Dr. Ashraf Hanna, a board certified physician and director of pain management at the Florida Spine Institute in Clearwater, FL discusses this tragic disease: "Lyme disease is a infectious disease caused by bacteria which is transmitted by ticks. The symptoms include rash, fatigue, arthritis of the joints, joint pain, muscle aches, and headaches, numbness, tingling and pain. 70-80% of patients get relief from antibiotics within a few weeks by their primary care or infectious disease physician, but 20-30% may continue with chronic pain symptoms."

"For the remaining 20-30%, it is not a simple infection anymore; it is a complex, multi-system disease. We have to treat the different types of co-existing infections, autonomic dysfunction, hormonal deficiency, food allergies, etc. But the major contributing factor with persistence of those symptoms after antibiotic treatment is neuro-inflammation and immune-mediated reactions," stated Dr. Hanna.

IV Ketamine appears to be the best treatment for late stage Lyme disease, after failed antibiotic treatments, and other therapies. Many Lyme patients are reporting remarkable success after treatments with IV Ketamine.

One of the Lyme Patients being treated by Dr. Hanna was Krysten Fernandez: "A few weeks after my tick bite, my symptoms began getting worse, I had extreme pain and was becoming lethargic and weak. I visited over 40 doctors, and after having being misdiagnosed and trying many failed remedies and treatments that were actually worse for my condition, I was finally diagnosed with Late Stage Lyme Disease. At this point I could not work or even walk. I used to be independent and active, was a yoga instructor and had a successful Internet business. Everyday was a struggle to do the simplest tasks."

"After years of suffering and depression, I found Dr. Ashraf Hanna at the Florida Spine Institute and he recommended IV Ketamine for the treatment of my late stage Lyme disease. After only a few treatments, I had incredible results! My pain levels were reduced, and I felt better than I have felt in years! I am so thankful that Dr. Hanna was able to treat me with IV Ketamine. I can now walk again, have increased function in my limbs and I am getting back to a normal life and feeling great!" said Krysten.

"IV Ketamine Infusion simply blocks receptors in the brain that are responsible for releasing chemicals that cause inflammation of the nervous system that in turn can cause painful symptoms. What makes our program different is that we incorporate physical therapy so that we not only improve pain, but also improve function, and we have seen amazing results. We want patients to get their life back and live productive, fulfilling lives," Said Dr. Hanna.