CCG Investor Relations Announces A-Share Panel at China Best Ideas Investment Conference and China Best Ideas A-Share Company Tour, September 11th in Beijing

Opportunities for global institutional investors to take advantage of new openness to investing in Chinese domestic markets and attractive valuations

Aug 26, 2013, 09:00 ET from CCG Investor Relations

NEW YORK, Aug. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- CCG Investor Relations (CCG), a leading global investor relations strategic communications consultancy, today announced an additional panel on "Investing in A-Share Companies:  QFII Quotas, Research, Trading & Transparency" at 2013 China Best Ideas Investment Conference in Beijing.

The conference, co-hosted by Marcum Bernstein & Pinchuk LLC (MarcumBP), will be held at the China Four Seasons Beijing on September 10, providing investors with the opportunity to meet with the senior management of Chinese companies that have been carefully selected for having strong business models, meeting international standards of corporate governance, and being transparent with investors. 

In addition, CCG and MarcumBP announced the China Best Ideas A-share Company Tour, which will provide investors with an opportunity to tour a number of carefully selected A-share public companies in Beijing, September 11th.

These two events will provide the attending overseas investors an introduction to the process required to invest in A-Share companies, a sampling of active public traded companies listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and an open house program for the investors to visit Chinese companies. These events will be co-organized by Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), one of the two independently operating stock exchanges in PRC.

The panel on Investing in A-Share will take place on the afternoon of the China Best Ideas Investment Conference, at 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. on September 10th, 2013. The session will include SZSE representatives, QFII investment consultants and experts from local law firms to speak on the topics of obtaining a QFII quota, the legal process of investing on A-Share, equity research, trading, and issues of governance and transparency for A-Share listed securities.

The speakers include:

  • Crocker Coulson, President, CCG Investor Relations (Moderator)
  • Fuzhong Liu, Vice Director of Strategy and International Relations, SZSE
  • David Xu, Head of QFII Managing Director, QFII Sales Head, Sales and Trading Department, CICC
  • Vicky Tsai, Head of Direct Securities Services, China Deutsche Bank (China)

Three A-share companies selected by SZE will be presenting at the conference:

2:30-3 p.m.

BOE Technology Group

3-3:30 p.m.

Bluefocus PR Consulting

3:30-4 p.m.


CCG, MarcumBP and SZSE are also hosting China Best Ideas A-share Company Tour on September 11th.

The one-day tour will visit three companies headquartered in Beijing, and each of them will hold an open house session with the investors, providing an introduction to each company's business, management and strategy. The companies are selected by SZSE as representative ones with strong financial performance, and they are accordingly listed on the SZSE's Main Board, SME Board, and ChiNext.

The three companies will be:

  • Beijing Origin Water Technology Company
  • Beijing Venustech Inc
  • China QUANJUDE Group

"The Chinese government has recently shown a much greater openness towards encouraging overseas participation in the domestic A-Share stock markets," said Crocker Coulson, President of CCG Investor Relations. "What's more, following years of relative underperformance by these China domestic equity markets, valuations for mature A-Share companies are now close to parity with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and other relevant global benchmarks.

"As such, this is an interesting time for global equity investors to take a new look or a first look at this market. We welcome and deeply appreciate the cooperation of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in helping to arrange these events."

The events are open to institutional investors, family offices, private equity and venture funds. To register please go to

For further information about participating in this event and becoming a sponsor please contact: Crocker Coulson, +1 (646) 213-1915 or

About the 2013 China Best Ideas Investment Conference

The 2013 China Best Ideas Investment Conference will provide investors with the opportunity to meet with the senior management of Chinese companies that have weathered the storm of economics uncertainty and shown a strong commitment to shareholder value. With a selection of 20 small- to large-cap companies in sectors including consumer, healthcare, technology and specialty industry, this one-day event can serve as a great introduction to the opportunities to participate in China's growth. The conference is expected to draw over 300 investors including fund managers, private equity, analysts, family offices, investment advisors and high net worth individuals.

About Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), established on 1st December, 1990, is a self-regulated legal entity under the supervision of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). It also organizes, supervises securities trading and performs duties prescribed by laws, regulations, rules and policies. Its main functions include providing the venue and facilities for securities trading, formulating operational rules, receiving listing applications and arranging securities listing, organizing and supervising securities trading, supervising members; regulating listed companies, managing and disseminating market information and other functions as approved by the CSRC.

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