CD Digital Card and DVDFLLC Agree on Out of Court Settlement as Flex Disc Innovator Expands Manufacturing Capacity of its Eco-Friendly Discs

California-based technology leader accepts DVDFLLC settlement in order to champion its patented Flex VCD(TM) and Flex DVD(TM) logos as demand grows for its flexible disc technology

Jan 19, 2010, 07:00 ET from CD Digital Card

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- CD Digital Card, a California-based disc manufacturing leader, and the DVD Format / Logo Licensing Corporation (DVDFLLC) have reached a settlement agreement outside of a New York Federal District Court following an extensive anti-trust counterclaim by CD Digital Card to defend its innovative Flex disc technology, clearing the way for CD Digital Card to pioneer its patented Flex VCD and Flex DVD as the company ramps up manufacturing to support growing demand for its patented technology.

CD Digital Card's Flex disc is a lightweight, flexible disc that conforms to all global DVD manufacturers' requirements yet produces half of the carbon footprint created by standard DVD discs, thanks to its 0.6mm single layer disc which uses 50% less polycarbonate, the raw plastic required to produce DVDs, requires no bonding which is a toxic, non-biodegradable adhesive, produces 56% less carbon during manufacturing, and is 100% recyclable unlike the standard DVD disc.

"We have seen demand for our Flex discs soar in 2009 amid the economic downturn as more and more customers turn to increasingly cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions to support their marketing and promotional requirements," said Mohab Sabry, CEO and Founder of CD Digital Card.  "We have added 25,000 square feet of manufacturing, packaging and fulfillment space to support the additional Flex disc manufacturing equipment which increases our output by an additional 2 million Flex discs per month over our present monthly Flex-DVD output capacity. We have increased production capacity by over 50 percent which is a testament to the innovation behind our Flex disc technology which we have developed over the last 4 years."

More recently, CD Digital Card achieved another milestone for its Flex disc technology when it received approval by the United States Postal Office for bulk distribution of its Flex discs at $0.19 per mailer when sorted, the same rate of a standard envelope, reducing the cost of mailing a standard DVD-5 format disc by 50 percent. The flexible attributes of Flex discs coupled with its 50 percent weight reduction over its standard disc counterpart, allows Flex DVDs to move through the sorting machinery at the U.S. Postal Service sort facilities without the need for special handling.

"CD Digital Card's top priority is its customers and their needs, so we innovate and create new solutions that enable our customers to do business more efficiently and cost effectively.  Our Flex Media Mailer, which is a newly designed packaging solution, has been approved by the U.S. Postal Service to be mailed out as an automated letter thanks to its flexibly, bendable and durable properties which make Flex discs near indestructible," added Sabry.

Fundamental to the Flex disc is its environmental advantages; as a "green" disc, its eco-friendly properties are widely seen as a positive feature, particularly where corporations and large organizations are becoming more conscious of their responsibilities to reduce consumption of natural resources as well as eliminating the use of harmful, non-biodegradable materials. Since the Flex disc uses half the amount of the raw material required for disc production, uses no adhesives which are hazardous regulated materials, while producing 56 percent less carbon during manufacture, it remains 100 percent recyclable which is a unique feature that corporations and large organizations are increasingly opting for.  Take the chance and watch our Flex impact video:

Flex DVD at a Glance:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • 100% Flexible
  • 98% playability - same as DVD-5
  • 54% less Polycarbonate (raw materials)
  • 50% lower Carbon Footprint
  • 50% lighter (only 8 grams)
  • No non-biodegradable polymer, which cannot be recycled
  • 4.7 GB capacity
  • Formats DVD-Video & DVD-Rom & DVD-Music Click on the link below for text result:

About CD Digital Card

CD Digital Card (CDDC) was founded in 1998 in Southern California by Zoba International Corporation in Rancho Cucamonga, California.  CD Digital Card is a leading manufacturer and replicator of Flex VCD, Flex DVD, CD, DVD and High Definition replication, as well as providing media services and IT technologies to customers across the United States.

In 1999, CDDC created the revolutionary "shaped" CD, DVD & Flex-DVD. Their innovative and unique molding process was capable of creating any design or custom shape imaginable which fit securely in any player tray, and allowed CDDC to produce shaped CDs, DVDs and Flex-DVDs with higher capacities than any other manufacturer.

In 2003, CDDC broke ground on a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility specializing in CD, DVD and HD Replication, Mini Disc, CD & DVD Business Cards and Shaped Disc services. CDDC provides the highest quality multimedia manufacturing services while offering a complete one-stop solution for all Flex discs, CD, DVD and HD Replication needs. In addition to manufacturing, they also design, print, and package 5 million CDs, 4 million Flex discs, and 3 million DVDs each month for leading-edge companies worldwide. CD Digital Card is committed to Quality, Excellence, and above all, 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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