CEAAC Creates Constitutional Defense Fund

Nov 30, 2012, 17:54 ET from Citizens for the Educational Advancement of Alaska’s Children (CEAAC)

ANCHORAGE, Ala., Nov. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A group advocating for struggling schools has directed proceeds from a lawsuit against the State of Alaska to fund the future defense of the Alaska Constitution's right to education.

Citizens for the Educational Advancement of Alaska's Children (CEAAC) will name the legal war chest for Howard Trickey, the attorney who pursued and settled the Kasayulie and Moore lawsuits on the group's behalf.  The struggle began in 1997 and was completed earlier this year.

CEAAC President Norm Eck announced the fund and the honor for attorney Howard Trickey.  The event took place at the Rural Caucus meeting of the Alaska Association of School Boards, at the Hotel Captain Cook earlier this month.

In June, CEAAC received $500,000 in legal fee compensation from Alaska as part of the Kasayulie settlement.  Among other provisions, the State also agreed to build five rural schools.  CEAAC settled the Moore suit in January, resulting in $18 million in new programs for struggling schools.

CEAAC spent $100,000 of the legal fee payment to retire debts, deposited $100,000 in the Spike Jorgensen Scholarship Fund, and now has placed the remaining $300,000 in the Howard S. Trickey Constitutional Defense Fund.

CEAAC President, Norm Eck explained the purpose of the fund. "This fund will be saved permanently, for use, when needed, to stand up for the right to education in Alaska. It is CEAAC's legal arsenal, one in which we hope we won't need.  And, as President Reagan would say, this is 'Peace through strength.'"

The Howard Trickey Constitutional Defense Fund is named for the attorney who gave his time and talent to provide for tomorrow's rural Alaska children.  Howard Trickey grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin.  He earned his law degree from Catholic University in Washington, D.C.   Today, he practices at the law firm of Jermain Dunnagan & Owens located in Anchorage Alaska. 

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SOURCE Citizens for the Educational Advancement of Alaska’s Children (CEAAC)