CELEBEE, Women's Wear Specialty Mall Designed to for the Global Market since Its Launching

Women's wear that makes customers feel exclusive

Feb 05, 2016, 09:00 ET from CELEBEE

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- CELEBEE (www.celebee.co.kr), a Korean online specialty mall carrying products that add unique designs to the 'girlish' style, is drawing great attention from female customers around the world.

CEO Kim Ye Ji, engaged in the entertainment business, joined the fashion business in full-scale last year after realizing that customers around the world are actually greatly interested in K-Style (Korean Style) while she was introducing famous Korean celebrities to various countries.

Kim explained, "Currently, CELEBEE is carrying products of unique styles that apply strong colors. Customers feel special simply by wearing them. As our brand name implies, "to become a celebrity who enjoys great attention from the public", we are making efforts to develop items for customers with distinct individuality."

Although CELEBEE started out and has expanded its business in Korea, it has always planned on going global even from the very beginning. Thus, it has been operating English (en.celebee.co.kr) and Chinese (celebee.cn) versions of CELEBEE through cafe24 (www.cafe24.com), the global e-commerce platform.

"We developed our site in many languages for customers of various countries to shop at CELEBEE's online mall without inconveniences," clarified CEO Kim. "We also have employees speaking English, Chinese, and Japanese to provide localized customer service for better customer satisfaction."

Particularly, CELEBEE is sponsoring wardrobe for Korean celebrities winning immense popularity around the world. As a result, CELEBEE is selling in various countries including Japan, America, Europe, and Southeast Asia centering on China, where the Korean dramas and digital tracks are enjoying great popularity.

CEO Kim went on to say, "We will be additionally launching products reflecting CELEBEE's unique personality. We will continue to make efforts to grow into the fashion brand favored by customers around the world."