Celebrate Independence with a Great Designer-Style Handbag

NP Fashion's wholesale purses and bags speak with their quality and stylishness, not with their labels.

Jul 02, 2013, 17:35 ET from NP Fashion

LOS ANGELES, July 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In today's fashion climate, there is, perhaps an overemphasis on a very small part of your fashion statement: the label. However, when shoppers liberate themselves from this dependence on labels, they begin to free up more options for how to accentuate their personal look. At NP Fashion there are belts, accessories, and handbags wholesale that fit every sense of style perfectly. If you're a fashion outlet, supply your clientele with wholesale purses from NP Fashion. Your patrons will be thrilled that someone is offering high fashion and keeping them independent from overpriced designers this Fourth of July! It makes good financial sense for you, and thanks to great deals on wholesale rhinestone purses and more from NP Fashion, gorgeous designs will appear on the shoulders of the masses for less!

Summer is a time when "less is more" becomes the fashion mantra of many. As July creeps up, and the heat intensifies, you're likely to see fewer pairs of jeans, and naturally no jackets. A handbag is a crucial as ever; as women wear fewer articles of clothing, they often make their purse their statement piece. It's perhaps more so important to have a purse given women's clothing's propensity to have insufficient pocket space. On a trip to the beach or the poolside a woman's bikini might be her fashion statement du jour, but it comes with a side of handbag if she's going to be carrying sunscreen, not to mention her wallet and keys. There's nothing like an eye-catching rhinestone handbag and a pair of sunglasses to turn a bathing suit into an outfit. What's more, NP Fashion's brightly colored, gorgeous purses, handbags and belts look great even with a pair of shorts or a summer skirt. A handbag becomes truly essential in the summer.

The best part about gorgeous designer style handbags from NP Fashion, of course, is that unlike those with famous Italian names sewn onto them, retail establishments can carry them without breaking the bank. It's pivotal for small boutiques and kiosks to have an inventory that attracts passersby, especially because they can't be as theft-averse as the shopkeeper of a major retail outlet whose stock-in-trade consists of four digit prices. Retail theft shouldn't be tolerated, but its effects can be mitigated by stocking a more moderately priced item. NP Fashion's wholesale prices are so low that their customers can set their retail cost at a variety of levels while still turning a healthy profit. NP Fashion's purses are so well made that they can retail for rates that are many times more than their wholesale cost. This fact makes buying purses from NP Fashion an incredibly low-risk purchase for retail operations trying to remain competitive in today's market.

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