Celebrity Tap - "The Trumpie Challenge" Launches in the App Store

Sep 19, 2016, 09:00 ET from Platinum Pari-Mutuel Holdings, Inc

MEMPHIS, Tennessee, September 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Platinum Pari-Mutuel Holdings, Inc., (OTC: PPMH) From the minds behind FastMall and Smacktive comes their newest creation, Celebrity Tap -"The Trumpie Challenge".

Celebrity Tap - "The Trumpie Challenge" allows players to fly the Republican Presidential Nominee through and past obstacles, including Hillary, powered by the movement of his hair. Trump is the first of many parodied celebrity characters, in which players will be able to choose from as the game continually grows.  "The Trumpie Challenge" is now offered in both a free version and a paid version (ad free).

After weeks of intense work with Apple, Smacked Ventures has been given the green light to offer its newest game in the Apple App Store. This approval compliments the company and its game allowing it now to be downloaded from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

"The Trumpie Challenge" is also offered and listed in the #1 spot on http://www.chosenapps.com .

Smacked Ventures is led by the accomplished and well recognized Sam Feuer and Marcelo Moyano. Sam Feuer and his accomplishments have been featured on news segments from The New York Times to ABC and Fox Business; he founded MindSmack, which was listed at #114 in his field according to Inc 5000. Mr. Moyano has led full-scale projects for clients such as Dreamworks, Citibank, Doritos, MTV, and AOL and is highly respected within the industry.

Smacked Ventures offer numerous fun and educational games through both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Visit http://www.smackedventures.com

Smacked Ventures is a subsidiary of Platinum Pari-Mutuel (OTC: PPMH), which was just recently acquired, in the latest move by PPMH to increase its market presence and outreach.

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