Celeros Announces Next-Generation SAS-2 Storage Platforms With Double the Performance

Jun 08, 2010, 15:41 ET from Celeros

MENLO PARK, Calif., June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Celeros, the leading provider of full featured storage appliances, has announced its Next-Generation storage platforms based on SAS-2 and the latest innovations in processor and interconnect technologies for EzSAN, EzNAS, and EzSANFiler lines of products. With the introduction of new SAS-2 platforms, the company is poised to rewrite the rules for enterprise storage price, performance and capacity tradeoffs once again.

Celeros has combined the latest hardware advancements in every aspect of the storage platform to bring to market new storage appliances that deliver a better than 2X performance enhancement. High speed backplanes utilizing the latest generation of SAS-2 components, and latest incarnation of processor, memory, and interconnect technologies (Nehalem, DDR3, PCIe 2.0) comprise the building blocks of these highly reliable platforms built for the most demanding data center environments. Combined with the 6.0Gbs SAS-2 enabled enterprise class disk and SSD drives, these platforms are delivering near Giga Bytes per Second (1GBs) read/write throughput under industry standard (IOMeter) testing.

"As demand for capacity, speed, and reliability in complex virtualized environments with mission critical applications rises relentlessly, IT professionals find it increasingly challenging to satisfy these demands in a cost effective way and within budgets, especially in the current economic climate," said Hossein Alaee, CEO and founder of Celeros Corporation. "Celeros' next generation SAS2 storage platforms are designed from ground up to deliver greater performance, reliability, capacity and value to satisfy enterprise's demanding requirements," continued Alaee.

EzSAN, EzNAS and EzSANFiler lines integrate these cost effective and high performance hardware platforms with the latest innovations in storage management software technology to deliver enterprise features such as snapshots and replication to ease management of data and reduce storage maintenance costs, further reducing Total Cost of Ownership across all platforms for IT organizations across the size spectrum.


Celeros next generation SAS-2 storage platforms for EzSAN, EzNAS and EzSANFiler line of products are available immediately. To obtain brochures, pricing or additional information, contact Celeros Sales at 888-306-0646, or sales@celeros.com.

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