Cell Buddy Network Announces Expansion of its U.S Presence and the Release of Voco's New Referral Credit Program

Jul 15, 2015, 10:33 ET from Cell Buddy Network

NEW YORK, July 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Cell Buddy Network expands domestically to service clients across the U.S. and beyond with its top-market free, mobile-to-mobile, international GSM calls solution. The company now proudly operates from primary offices in New York and San Francisco and maintains a strategic presence in markets across North America and Europe.

The company has also announced the expansion of coverage of its app to 75 countries worldwide and the launch of a new referral program to enhance the experience of sharing free in-app credits.

Voco is a patent pending app featuring free international GSM calls combined with a personal profile search engine.

The Voco app does not require Wi-Fi, 3G or any Internet for the voice delivery and therefore provides the best possible conversation quality.

Professionals and individuals using the app can easily set up their own searchable, personal micro-profiles.

The app provides individuals and businesses a free and convenient way of communicating and talking with friends and customers, home or abroad.

Voco is not a voice over IP (VoIP) solution, by offering free international GSM calls, it has the potential to transform the $50B/year market.

Visit our web site at http://www.freevoco.com, also you can download the app at http://get.freevoco.com/?install=pr1 to enjoy the revolution.

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Cell Buddy, a US based company, enables customers and mobile carriers to do business together anytime, anywhere.

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