CellGuide Introduces HiMap(TM) High-Performance Urban Positioning

Oct 18, 2010, 08:10 ET from CellGuide Ltd

REHOVOT, Israel, October 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- CellGuide, the GNSS SNAP technology pioneer, today announced the availability of its patent-pending HiMap(TM) technology for precision urban positioning. HiMap(TM) is now commercially available for CellGuide's ACLYS chip, ACLYS IP Core, and GPSense engine. HiMap(TM) is also available for licensing as an add-on to GNSS receiver manufacturers.

HiMap(TM) significantly improves GNSS navigation performance in urban canyons. City skylines create particularly demanding operational conditions for GPS receivers. Line-of-sight blockages and erroneous measurements adversely affect the accuracy of GNSS device positioning, tracking and navigation. CellGuide's HiMap(TM) technology boosts GNSS receiver accuracy and availability in built-up areas. Based on high-resolution, worldwide digital elevation mapping (DEM), HiMap(TM) serves as an additional beacon for better navigation accuracy with four or more received satellites, and true 3-D navigation with three received satellites.

HiMap(TM) enhances GNSS receiver positioning for diverse applications including vehicle and pedestrian navigation. Of particular note, HiMap(TM) advanced compression provides global urban coverage in a compact database of only a few megabytes.

"Our multi-beacon SNAP technology ensures an enhanced user experience for location-based applications. HiMap(TM) is an impressive innovation on our technology roadmap." said Boaz Efroni Rotman, CellGuide's VP Sales and Marketing. "We continue to add beacons to our positioning engine to ensure industry-leading precision in outdoor navigation and indoor applications."

A white paper detailing HiMap(TM) technology and benefits is available on request from CellGuide. Please contact CellGuide Ltd. at himap@cell-guide.com.

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