Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI) Increases Caller Locator Accuracy With Co-Pilot Beacon

New Transmitter Helps E911 First Responders Pinpoint Mobile Device Callers

Dec 19, 2011, 10:35 ET from Cellular Specialties, Inc.

MANCHESTER, N.H., Dec. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI), a recognized leader in the design and implementation of in-building wireless products and installation services, today introduced its Co-Pilot Beacon Transmitter, which significantly improves location accuracy of certain cell phones and wireless devices outdoors and within buildings. The transmitter enables public safety personnel and others to more accurately pinpoint the location of wireless callers in locations where Distributed Antenna Systems (DASs) are employed but GPS is not available.

To meet the public's increased reliance on mobile devices, wireless carriers often install dedicated systems, such as DASs, that increase wireless coverage and capacity. While these systems provide more access to reliable coverage, they can have the opposite effect on the ability to locate originating calls.

"The trade-off with many of these solutions is that they can degrade the location accuracy of wireless handsets, such as cell phones and mobile devices. Because emergencies can happen anywhere at any time, subscribers need location-based E911 services no matter where they are," said Scott Goodrich, President of CSI's product division. "Our Co-Pilot Beacon gives callers the peace of mind that comes from knowing their location can be pinpointed in an emergency."

Of the more-than 296,000 E911 calls made by Americans every day, approximately 70 percent -- or some 202,000 calls daily -- are made using mobile devices, according to the FCC. That number is particularly significant given that an estimated 70 percent of all mobile calls are made indoors, yet approximately 70 percent of in-building space cannot send or receive the GPS data required to accurately locate E911 calls.

The transmitter is among the first of its kind that applies the same outdoor location accuracy standards called for by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under its Phase II E911 rules to in-building wireless systems. The FCC mandates are intended to provide emergency dispatchers with additional information on E911 calls.  Specifically, the rules require cellular companies to provide latitude and longitude information accurate to within 50 to 300 meters for originating calls.

In a recent study at a major airport, officials were able to accurately locate mobile phones within 50 meters of the originating call after installing CSI's Co-Pilot Beacon. Prior to the installation, calls appeared as far away as 1,500 meters from where they were actually made.

"I have tested the Co-Pilot Beacon extensively, both at the university level and in real world settings.  Our data has shown that Co-Pilot Beacons provide improved indoor positioning performance using the network operator's existing infrastructure and handsets," said Dr. Kenneth Baker, an educator at the University of Colorado-Boulder, who has performed numerous tests and assisted CSI with the optimization of the Co-Pilot Beacon solution. "In addition, the Co-Pilot Beacons contributed to improved Assisted-GPS positioning performance in those locations that had sufficient GPS signal available."

Facilities that can benefit from the Co-Pilot Beacon Transmitter include college campuses, airports, hospitals, malls, stadiums, warehouses or mid- to large-sized office environments in which improved public safety or location based services is a priority.

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