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Eliminating sleep disorder is the hidden key to cure

Apr 14, 2014, 12:05 ET from The Center for Bedwetting Treatment

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., April 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the National Kidney Foundation, approximately one out of every 50 young adults has a problem with bedwetting. It is a condition filled with myth, misunderstanding, ineffective treatments, and often hidden shame for the child, teen or adult bedwetter.

The underlying cause of bedwetting is actually related to a sleep disorder. The Center for Bedwetting Treatment offers an effective treatment for bedwetters of all age around the world. The Center is spearheaded by its founder, Barbara Moore. Since 1975, she has taken a stand to treat the real cause of bedwetting – a sleep disorder – which is where the remedy lies. Moore's own daughter suffered from enuresis (bedwetting), and due to medical advice, underwent two unnecessary and ineffective surgeries. Moore's quest for a non- invasive and permanent solution for her daughter was the catalyst for discovering the cure that has since helped thousands of individuals in the United States and across the globe. A 97% success rate and money- back guarantee speaks to the effectiveness of this well-established treatment program.

"Research shows that bedwetting is linked to an abnormally deep sleep disorder," said Moore. "Those who live with this disorder are enduring very poor quality sleep, and wet the bed as a result."

Many health professionals say that bedwetting up until the age of six can be normal. However, Moore cautions that bedwetting is an involuntary action that happens when a person is in the deepest stage of sleep for too long.

"You don't outgrow this," Moore said. "We get calls daily from adults themselves who have not outgrown their bedwetting, and the psychological impact for them has been devastating. Knowing there is a genetic link to this problem, we also get calls from families who have multi-generational bedwetters, ranging from toddler to grandparent. We can help people receive what is necessary to end the bedwetting by 'training the brain' to achieve proper sleep."

Dr. Lyle Danuloff, the Center's staff psychologist, lauds the global success stories on The Center's recently revamped website. "The videos and testimonials from parents, adults, teens and children will provide emotional relief for someone searching for answers. They will hear from people who were living with this 'secret condition,' and how they were able to end their bedwetting and end the suffering. It is critical for children to not only understand that bedwetting is not their fault, but to also understand the reason why the bedwetting is occurring in the first place."

The Center's Team of Bedwetting Specialists is comprised of registered nurses, psychologists and educators who are partnered with patients and their families to see the program through to a successful completion. Distance Treatment via phone or Skype is available, and is equally as effective as being in the Center itself.

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