CenterPoint Energy Offers New and Improved Energy Efficiency Programs in Arkansas

New offerings include rebates for energy efficient water and space heating, boilers and commercial food service equipment

Oct 06, 2010, 11:02 ET from CenterPoint Energy

HOUSTON, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- CenterPoint Energy (NYSE: CNP) is significantly increasing its energy efficiency program offerings in Arkansas to help residential and commercial customers save energy and the environment. The company's new programs include rebates for efficient water and space heating, and incentives for efficient boilers, boiler components and food service equipment.  In addition, commercial customers can receive a low-cost natural gas energy audit that will identify natural gas savings opportunities that will positively impact their bottom line.



Residential and commercial customers can utilize rebates of $125 to $300 per furnace or space heating system and up to $250 for efficient water heating systems. Commercial customers can receive incentives up to $1,000 for efficient food service equipment and significant rebates for boilers and boiler components.  For example, CenterPoint Energy recently awarded Southern Arkansas University $8,000 in rebates for installing energy efficient boilers.  The project will save the University approximately $30,000 on their utility bills.

"These are the largest incentives we've ever offered in Arkansas, and we hope to make it easier than ever before for customers to make energy-saving improvements," said Richard Leger, Conservation Improvement Program manager for CenterPoint Energy. "A customer who installs a high-efficiency heating system, a high-efficiency water heater and low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators could reduce their natural gas bill by up to 20 percent-which is good for consumers' wallets.  The reduction in energy use helps the environment too."

New Residential Energy Efficiency Program Details

  • Water Heater Rebates – CenterPoint Energy customers can receive a $50 rebate for efficient gas storage systems and $250 on gas tankless systems. After your home's air conditioning and heating system, water heating is the second largest energy use and energy expenditure in the home. By replacing inefficient water heaters with efficient gas storage heaters or gas tankless systems, depending on operating conditions, a household can save $61 to $115 a year on utility bills. 
  • Heating System Rebates –CenterPoint Energy is providing rebates up to $300 for high-efficiency furnaces and hydronic systems and up to $175 for back-up heating with efficient forced air furnaces.  More efficient furnaces can save almost $100 a year on your utility bill. If your furnace is more than 15 years old, it may be time for a replacement.
  • Energy Saving Tips – From caulking windows to programmable thermostats, there are many simple, low-cost or no-cost options for saving energy.  CenterPoint customers can download energy saving tips at or contact us at to request a mailed copy.

New Commercial Energy Efficiency Program Details

CenterPoint Energy's commercial customers can enjoy the same water heating and space heating rebates offered to residential customers.  In addition, they can take advantage of the following programs:

  • Boiler and Boiler Component Rebates – Energy efficient boilers provide long-term savings on energy bills.  CenterPoint rebates can provide thousands of dollars towards boilers that are 85% or more efficient.  Rebates are also available for boiler components such as modulating boiler burners, vent dampers and controls.
  • Food Service Rebates – From boilers to fryers, CenterPoint Energy offers rebates up to $1,000 for a wide variety of food service equipment.  Equipment upgrades can help restaurants, cafeterias and schools increase quality, save time and reduce energy costs.  
  • Natural Gas Audits – Commercial facilities often have complex energy issues and untapped opportunities for energy savings.  CenterPoint Energy is offering independent natural gas audits for a small fraction of the cost of the audit.  For $200, a qualified auditor will visit and assess a facility and provide a cost/benefit analysis for actions a company can take to employ long-term energy savings that positively impact the bottom line.    

All homeowners, businesses and schools served by CenterPoint Energy in Arkansas are encouraged to take advantage of CenterPoint Energy's energy saving programs that can lower energy usage, costs and help the environment. To learn more, please visit

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