Central Life Sciences Introduces Mosquito Drop 2012 Program To Arm Communities Against Record-High Mosquito Populations

A cost-effective, labor saving mosquito control program uses Altosid® XR Briquets to help prevent larvae from developing into breeding, biting adult mosquitoes

Jun 12, 2012, 09:28 ET from Central Life Sciences

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- For much of the United States, the record 2011-2012 mild winter and warm spring has meant an early emergence of mosquito populations and an expected longer breeding season. With that comes the nuisance the pests produce as well as the more serious danger of diseases such as West Nile Virus.

As communities brace for the onslaught of these increased populations, and many municipalities struggle with ongoing budget constraints, Central Life Sciences introduces Mosquito Drop 2012, a simple, cost-effective mosquito control program that can be implemented immediately.

"Many cities around the country have already reported or are bracing for significantly higher than usual mosquito activity due to the mild winter," said John Neberz, Business Manager, Zoecon Professional Products division of Central Life Sciences. "Mosquito Drop 2012 is a cost-efficient and effective solution to stop mosquito swarms before they start and provide peace of mind to community leaders and their residents."

Mosquito Drop 2012 provides communities with Altosid® XR Briquets for use in sewers, catch basins, and other mosquito breeding areas to help prevent larval emergence and reduce adult populations. Altosid® XR Briquets prevent larvae from developing into breeding, biting and disease carrying adults. A residual of up to 150 days means that municipalities drop one briquet in each mosquito breeding site throughout their communities to help provide protection for the entire season.

Altosid® XR Briquets, an EPA-registered biorational larvicide, offers a target-specific formulation to prevent the emergence of adult mosquito populations. The ingot shaped briquets are designed for easy application into sewer grates and are environmentally friendly.

Central Life Sciences has made program enrollment easy for participants. By visiting www.mosquitodrop.com, community leaders simply enter into the online calculator a count of sewer grates, catch basins, retention ponds, deserted pools or other locations with standing water where mosquitoes breed, and the site will calculate how many Altosid® XR Briquets are necessary. An order can then be submitted directly online or specific requirement detail can be reviewed with any authorized distributor agent from the list provided.

To learn more about mosquito control and the Altosid® Larvicide and Zenivex® Adulticide formulations visit centralmosquitocontrol.com.

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