CENTRI Technology Drives Smarter Mobile Networks with its New Connected Experience Platform

Only Comprehensive Solution That Retains Full Visibility to the Data Stream Across Mobile, Wi-Fi and Broadband

Feb 19, 2013, 09:00 ET from CENTRI Technology

SEATTLE, Feb. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- CENTRI Technology, a leading mobile network management and optimization solutions provider, today announced the availability of its Connected Experience Platform (CXP) for mobile operators. CXP enables operators to optimize and secure their data network, apply parental and corporate policies, as well as monetize new premium services for their subscribers. The platform is the market's first end-to-end mobile network management and optimization solution.

"With the incredible growth of data traffic, it is becoming increasingly important for operators to have an arsenal of tools to optimize their networks and help customers manage their usage," said Mark Lowenstein, managing director of Mobile Ecosystem. "CENTRI's end-to-end solution provides operators with full visibility across the data stream, with detailed reporting and analytics to tailor the user experience across any network and any connected device, which is critical in solving issues such as BYOD policy, monetization and optimization."

The Connected Experience Platform is comprised of three core product suites – including BitSmart CX, Premium CX and Insights CX – focused on driving network efficiency, management and monetization of new services, and real-time reporting and analytics, respectively. CENTRI's CXP also utilizes an intuitive cloud-based portal, CX Manager, which allows enterprise administrators and mobile service providers to apply policies and premium services, as well as manage bandwidth controls to the network and to specific devices.

Unique features of the platform consist of the following:

BitSmart CX:

  • SmartStream (QoS Framework): drives network efficiency by managing and prioritizing bandwidth across the networks, as well as proactively offloading network-intensive activities to available Wi-Fi networks.
  • End-to-End Data Protection: delivers advanced encryption technology and security-based policies to minimize the fear of unwanted content or malware attacks on the device.
  • Data Optimization: provides unmatched end-to-end network data efficiency through advanced patented-compression of all network traffic, which can significantly improve the user experience.

Premium CX:

  • Tailored User Experience: generates new operator revenues by providing flexible usage plans based on their subscribers' needs, reducing churn and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Consumer and Enterprise Controls: sets always-on and always-active parental and corporate controls to enforce Web protection for minors and policies for employees.
  • Any Connected Device on Any Network: retains settings and policies across all connected devices and networks.

Insights CX:

  • Full Data Visibility: delivers business intelligence to operators about what content and services are being accessed across the network for both BitSmart CX and Premium CX.
  • Real-Time Tracking: tracks data usage, performance, optimization and malware for any device connected through any network.

"The increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets in the marketplace is indicative of consumers' and business professionals' growing reliance on mobile devices. As a result, mobile data is expected to continue its rapid growth as consumers are using connected devices for a variety of tasks and across a variety of networks," said Vaughan Emery, president and CEO of CENTRI Technology. "While this increased usage is positive for the wireless industry, it does not come without challenges in the form of security, monetization of services, network capacity and more. Our new Connected Experience Platform solves these issues by allowing operators to more efficiently manage their network resources, and tailor the end-user experience via a set of platform features capable of delivering more options for monetizing their networks."

To request a demo or receive more information about the Connected Experience Platform (CXP), please contact info@centritechnology.com.

About CENTRI Technology
CENTRI Technology provides intelligent mobile network management and optimization solutions. Through its Connected Experience Platform (CXP), CENTRI enables operators to securely manage and apply advanced premium services to the network. CENTRI delivers the only end-to-end solution to retain full visibility across the data stream giving operators detailed reporting and analytics to tailor the user experience on any connected device. For more information, please visit www.centritechnology.com.

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