CEO 360 on Turkey Minerals Market Opportunity

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CEO 360 on Turkey Minerals Market Opportunity

Market Potential and Downstream Opportunities for Selected Minerals & Metals

This report takes a close look at Turkey's place in the world as a valued destination for mining. Turkey possesses 73.5% of the world's boron reserves and 40% of the world's marble reserves. There are about 60 different minerals and metals and 4,500 mineral deposits in Turkey. Mining activities have increased significantly in Turkey, especially the exploration and production of boron, feldspar, pumice, gold, and chromite. This report covers the macro trends, supply demand scenario, investment opportunities, economic scenario and its impact on the Turkish mining industry. The base year of the study is 2012 and the forecast period is 2013–2018.


Why Turkey?
Position of Turkey's Industries Globally
Minerals Industry in Turkey

Macro Level Analysis:
Turkey's Economic Growth
Economic Drivers of Turkey
Turkey Mining and Quarrying sector Contribution to GDP
Foreign Direct Investment in Turkey
Turkey in International Indices
Turkish Mining Industry—Government Incentives
Turkey Vision 2023
Turkish Mining & Quarrying Sector—Export & Import Scenario

Market Opportunities:
Mining Industry—Market Drivers
Strategic factsheet of key metals and minerals (Boron, Feldspar, Pumice, Chromite & Gold)
Product Overview
Global Deposits
Global Market Scenario
Turkish Market Scenario
Product Value chain
Key Conclusions & Recommendations

Why Turkey?

Turkey has the Xth most liberal trade policies globally according to World Trade Indicators. Turkey has free trade agreement with the below mentioned 22 countries:
EFTA (European Free Trade Association)
Bosnia & Herzegovina

South Korea

Turkey is expected to be the Xth largest manufacturing hub in the world and Xd largest in Europe over the next 5 years
Strategically located, enabling easy access to multiple markets such as Europe, Asia, Middle East, and African countries
The fastest growing economy among the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries
Country with largest youth population among EU countries
Most Dynamic and stable economy among EU countries
The Xth largest economy in the world, and Xth when compared to the European Union (EU) countries
Expected to be the Xth largest economy in the world and the Xrd largest economy in Europe by 2050

Turkey Snapshot

Turkey—Minerals Industry Key Snapshot
Turkey produces aboutX different metals and minerals that are commercially viable for exploitation.
Turkey is globally rankedXth, for its production of underground resources.
Only Xof all the X minerals traded globally do not exist in Turkey.
Turkey holds X% of the world's industrial mineral resources, % of the coal, X% of the geothermal, and X% of the metallic mineral reserves.
Turkey ranks 1st among the marble and travertine exporting countries, while it is ranked 3rd in the overall natural stones exportation.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Macro-level Analysis
3. Market Opportunities: Turkey Mining Industry
4. Market Drivers
5. Strategic Factsheet of Key Metals and Minerals
o Boron
o Feldspar
o Pumice Stone
o Chromite Ore
o Gold
6. Key Conclusions and Recommendations
7. Appendix
8. About Frost and Sullivan

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