CEO of Furniture in Fashion to Provide Support to New Small Businesses in the UK

CEO of FurnitureInFashion Asad Shamim is launching an initiative to help emerging small businesses in the UK

May 19, 2015, 11:52 ET from Furniture In Fashion

LANCASHIRE, England, May 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The initiative will provide aspiring entrepreneurs with very tangible assistance: support of their startups by way of loans.

"Despite the economy showing signs of recovery, the banks are still reluctant to offer loans for small businesses, as they are dealing with the consequences of the recession. We are willing to support entrepreneurs and help them get off the ground where banks and other financial institutions are not willing to help with lending," – Asad Shamim says.

Mr. Shamim has learned all the pitfalls of starting private business by experience, moreover, he acts as a coach and mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs. Guided by his insight and expertise, the support program for small business owners introduced by FurnitureInFashion comprises the following steps:

- A start up loan for entrepreneurs with the most unconventional and innovative ideas;

- Access to over £5 million of stock for immediate trading;

- Assistance in launching and running an e-commerce website for owners of small business;

- Assistance in content writing and SMO;

- Access to a full facility of a call centre with staff.

"As part of our support program, we will help entrepreneurs get through the hardest part of launching their own successful startup – financing, marketing and establishing effective communication with clients," – Asad Shamim says, - "These three basic steps are vital to help a great idea develop into a productive and lucrative business, especially given the current unfavourable economic and legislative conditions, which virtually crush many emerging new businesses in the bud. What we plan to do is invest in ideas and help implement them from start to finish."

Earlier, CEO of FurnitureInFashion has voiced frequent concerns over deteriorating economic conditions, which threaten owners of small firms across the UK.

"The economic climate of recent years, highly unfavourable for the UK small businesses has urged me to call on the government to reduce pressure on entrepreneurs by lowering VAT rate to 15% and by imposing legal sanctions on unethical business practices of large companies," – Mr. Shamim says, - "Corporate bullying, high VAT rate and unreasonably high rental prices for business property create hostile economic conditions are smothering small businesses across the country. With our initiative, we hope to offer support to many truly innovative and prospective entrepreneurs and to change things for the better," he concludes.

The program is aimed at residents of the UK and is available immediately. Applicants are welcome to send their CVs and descriptions of their ideas, along with indications of the amount of funding and type of assistance they need to

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