CEO's Engagement is presented in Times Square

Customized 5.20 carat Darry Ring

May 18, 2015, 10:23 ET from Darry Ring

NEW YORK, May 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Darry Ring Company, Ltd., providing a customized 5.20 carat ring for the perfect proposal. Tony, a CEO, recently in Greece, with the 5.20 carat Darry Ring, booked Santorini island to propose to his girlfriend Wendy. While many locals and visitors on the island celebrated as witnesses, Tony wanted to make a commitment to Wendy in front of the world. 

He did so by presenting a video of this in Times Square, Tony hoped to sway Wendy, his true love. Wendy was so touched and accepted his proposal

Tony said: "I decided to present the video in New York's Time Square, because I want to get the blessing of people all over the world. I love her and I will always love her, so I think I need to let her know in such a public way, and on such a special day."

Tony and Wendy have been together for ten years. Tony was born on May 20, In many countries the number 520 means "I love you." Therefore on their 10th anniversary he customized a unique 5.20 carat Darry Ring, which he claims a man can only buy one such ring in his lifetime.

Based on the six months of preparation and planning, Tony tried his best to give Wendy an impressive proposal. In choosing Santorini, Tony aimed to propose with the backdrop of the most beautiful sunset on the planet.

About Darry Ring Company, Ltd.

In 1990s, Hong Kong Darry Ring Jewelry Group started wholesale business of loose diamonds . Focused on rigorous and professional requirement in diamond quality and diamond-cutting technology, Darry Ring encourages people to pursue their true love and is devoted to spreading and witnessing the concept of "Only true love."

As the leading brand of international engagement diamond rings, Darry Ring adopted the unique real-name customizing system in the world, so that the man could only customize one Darry Ring for his true love in his life time through an individual serial number with owner's ID, and implied that "Only for your true love." Before purchasing, the couple will be required to sign a true love agreement, and the registration of the ring and the couple can not be changed at any time.

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