CES 2011 Innovations Award Honoree Breffo Announced Today That the SpiderpodiumTablet Iconic Stand and Grip for Tablets is Now Shipping

Mar 23, 2011, 08:30 ET from Breffo

PORTLAND, Ore., March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Breffo, an innovative consumer electronics company, announced today that their latest product, SpiderpodiumTablet, is now shipping.  Modeled after breffo's hit product Spiderpodium, the SpiderpodiumTablet works with Apple's iPad2, iPad, Motorola Xoom, Dell Streak, Galaxy Tab, EeePad and all other tablet devices to provide flexible hands free positioning. The SpiderpodiumTablet will work with virtually every tablet device, now and into the future, providing the consumer with the ability to buy the stand and not have to be concerned about future upgrades of their pads causing the stand itself to become obsolete.

"Tablet devices provide a quantum leap in UI interaction. To maximize the benefits of this technology, we foresee that users will prefer to maintain the use of their hands during the course of interacting with their tablet devices to access information and content.  We see applications for the SpiderpodiumTablet in the medical field to include physicians who want to refer information on their iPad and be able to quickly stow or hang the device while consulting with the patients.  We see it being used by trades people such as auto mechanics and musicians, who want a way to place the tablet in view, but need to keep hands free for their main activity.  Additionally, it can give parents and kids a break so that they don't have to hold a device for several minutes or hours while riding in the car or flying on a plane. With the SpiderpodiumTablet, all of these demands can be resolved, as well as hundreds of others. We think it is going to be a magic product," stated Nic McMahon, US CEO.

SpiderpodiumTablet is on sale for immediate shipment worldwide through www.breffo.com or breffo's global distribution network.


Founded by Patrick Mathews and Nicholas McMahon, breffo is a design-centered, global product company.  Utilizing a belief in the total balance of functional and aesthetic design, breffo focuses on delivering the value of innovation to the rapidly evolving hand-held device market.  Breffo's products are available through distribution and sales channels in over 35 countries.

For further information on breffo or the Spiderpodium products, please call England +44 (0) 208 876 4286, USA 866-35-2278 x 701, or email at pr@breffo.com, www.breffo.com, www.facebook.com/breffo.