CET, LLC Demonstrates Peridox(R) With EDS for Destroying Anthrax on Urban Terrain at Interagency Biological Restoration Demonstration

Jun 07, 2010, 09:08 ET from CET, LLC

ST. LOUIS, June 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- CET, LLC participated in a bioterrorism recovery exercise at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA, in May 2010.  The Interagency Biological Restoration Decontamination (IBRD) Device Demonstration was conducted to increase US preparedness to respond/recover from a bioterrorist attack.  As part of the event, CET™ demonstrated the utility of Peridox® with EDS (Electrostatic Decontamination System) for destroying Anthrax spores on urban terrain.

IBRD chose a Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) site to perform this exercise to allow the agencies responsible for biological defense to see decontamination in a realistic context.  Urban terrains are chosen as targets by terrorists because they contain a society's political, cultural and transportation centers.  The military has a number of MOUT sites to practice operations within the constraints of dense populations and valuable assets.  The Leschi Town MOUT Site is an artificial village containing office buildings, school, church with cemetery, post office, small shops, streets and alleys.

Organized by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, the demonstration was part of a $35M program, which has been ongoing since 2007.  These agencies, along with the EPA, Seattle-King County, 10th Civil Support Team, Bangor Naval Base, Lawrence Livermore, Sandia, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories and the DoD Joint Program Executive Office observed the EDS and other decontamination systems treat the complex surfaces encountered in urban areas.  For the demonstration, IBRD invited three decontamination device vendors following a 2007 market survey.

Peridox® with EDS is the only available EPA-registered decontaminant for destroying anthrax spores on surfaces and must be applied by military and/or professional remediators.  Peridox® with EDS kills anthrax spores in 3 minutes when used as directed.  Sandia National Laboratory extensively tested Peridox® microbicide (w/o EDS), which is a liquid sterilant, virucide, fungicide, disinfectant and sanitizer when used according to label directions, and recommended it as an effective product for use by average citizens on private property following a bioterrorism event.  CET™ is currently pursuing FIFRA registration of a Peridox®-based decontaminant for use in residential settings.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, CET™ is a privately-owned science and technology small business specializing in rapid development of products/technologies/services for a variety of customers and requirements. 

For more on Peridox® with EDS, Peridox® microbicide and other CET™ products/services visit http://cleanearthtech.com.