Cetova Corp. White Paper: Closing the Gap Between JDE World and E1 Reporting

Jan 28, 2010, 14:30 ET from Cetova Corp.

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Cetova Corp., a provider of Corporate Performance Management software, is pleased to announce the publication of its latest white paper, "How Cetova Facilitates the Migration from JDE World to EnterpriseOne."

For the full version of this white paper, contact Bill Glasofer, bglasofer@cetova.com.

Executive Summary

I've written this paper to assist the non-technical JD Edwards end-user in closing the ERP reporting and analysis gap that typically arises after migrating from JDE World to JDE E1.

This paper dives into both the relational, or ad-hoc, analysis tools offered by JDE World and JDE E1, as well as those tools typically employed for pro-forma reporting and business intelligence.  JDE World users have three native reporting and analysis tools at their disposal: DREAMWriter, World Writer, and FASTR.  Unfortunately, the reporting and analysis landscape in JDE E1 is a bit starker than in JDE World, as described by this paper's analysis of ERW.

Next, the paper shows how non-technical JDE end-users are left holding the bag after migrating from World to E1.  I'd venture that companies implementing JDE E1 as their first JDE solution are better off than those migrating from World to E1.  Very simply, the E1 user new to JDE won't be faced with a major functionality gap that will transform his self-sufficiency into dependence upon IT.  

Finally, a major takeaway: Don't migrate from JDE World to JDE E1 without lobbying for a third-party reporting and analysis solution.  Maintaining continuity in your pro-forma and ad-hoc reporting and analysis processes is difficult to achieve when the native E1 tools are either too simplistic or too complicated.

About Cetova

Cetova Corp. develops, markets, implements, and supports a suite of Corporate Performance Management Tools that are pre-integrated with JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne. Cetova products uniquely combine Ease-of-Use, Flexible Publishing, Speed, Rapid and Secure Deployment, and Low Cost to deliver unparalleled client value.

About the Author

John Lambrianakos (jlambrianakos@cetova.com) is the VP of Marketing and Product Development at Cetova Corp.  John has worked with JD Edwards since 1991, as a consultant for GL Associates and IBM Global Services, and as a Finance Manager at Tiffany & Co.  John holds a BA in Economics (Vassar College) and an MBA (University of Texas at Austin).

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