CFACT to Represent Climate Realism at Cancun Climate Talks

Dec 01, 2010, 13:14 ET from Center for a Constructive Tomorrow

CANCUN, Mexico, Dec. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As COP16, the UN conference on climate change, opens in Cancun, Mexico, CFACT's delegation has arrived to inject some badly needed scientific and policy realism into the talks.  

"So much alarmism has been exposed and there has already been so much fraud and waste uncovered surrounding this issue," said Craig Rucker, CFACT's Executive Director, "but thankfully the citizens of the world have caught on just in time.  Will our governments finally wise up and end the wholesale transfer of working people's money to climate profiteers and pressure groups?  We at CFACT certainly hope so."

"There is not and never has been a genuine scientific consensus about man's impact on climate," Rucker said.  "The so-called consensus was cooked up by a narrow group of campaigners and then amplified by an unquestioning media.  An atmosphere of intolerance, a sort of 'scientific McCarthyism,' was created that was so thick that researchers and politicians feared to ask questions or discuss alternatives.  Everyone knew that man-made warming was funded and rewarded, while questioning its premises was a career killer.  So much was forced upon the public that any open-minded observer knew not to be true, that public support collapsed, as did Copenhagen.  Many people's fame and fortune have come to depend on global warming.  They are right now gathered in Cancun desperate to get the global warming doomsday train back on track and keep our money flowing."

CFACT has been a regular participant in UN conferences for years and plans a busy schedule of activities in Cancun.  CFACT's delegation will be joined by Dr. Roy Spencer who co-developed NASA's temperature satellites and Lord Christopher Monckton who for years has been circling the globe pointing out errors and inconsistencies in global warming science and policy.  Marc Morano, founder of CFACT's award-winning will offer regular updates.  

CFACT is the go-to resource for open-minded analysis of COP16 and of climate science and policy.  Regular COP16 updates and more information can be found on CFACT's "Mission Mexico" at and

SOURCE Center for a Constructive Tomorrow