Chairs Made from Recycled Plastic Coca-Cola Bottles to Go on Display; "111 Navy Chair" Is Icon at Tokyo Chair City Exhibition

- Architecture for a Sustainable Future Proposed at UIA2011 Tokyo, World Congress of Architecture -

Sep 22, 2011, 05:00 ET from Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd.

TOKYO, Sept. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd. will display 50 "111 Navy Chairs" at the Tokyo Chair City Exhibition opening on September 23 in the Marunouchi business district of Tokyo during the period of the UIA2011 World Congress of Architecture (UIA) also being held in Tokyo. In a collaborative project between The Coca-Cola Company and Emeco that emphasizes design and ecology, each leg of the chairs uses recycled PET materials from 111 bottles. As an official supplier, Coca-Cola (Japan) will provide approximately 25,000 bottles of Coca-Cola system products to participants and others at the UIA.


With over 1.3 million members, the UIA is an organization that represents architects worldwide. Participants from 124 countries will attend the UIA 2011, the largest architectural event in the world. Since 1948, a UIA Congress has been held every three years in different cities around the globe. This year marks the 24th congress, and it is the first time for it to be held in Japan. Participants include world-renowned architects, researchers and students. Colorful programs include keynote speeches, special guest lectures and exhibits, centered on cities and architecture of the future.

The theme of the Tokyo Chair City Exhibition is "Chairs and Benches of Various Recollections." It will be held with the aim of spreading information widely about the UIA events being held in the Marunouchi area. Centered at the Marunouchi Building and other facilities in the Marunouchi district, chairs and benches -- the basic units in the formation of urban space -- will be set up where people congregate to let them touch and sit on them, and to recall various memories while resting. Refreshment space will thus be provided while the UIA is being held to consider the future of cities and architecture.

The 111 Navy Chair, emphasizing design and ecology, was selected as an icon for the Tokyo Chair City Exhibition. From September 23, during the exhibitions held at various venues, 111 Navy Chairs will be displayed at all entrances to Tokyo Chair City exhibitions being held at eight venues in five buildings. In addition, 26 of the 111 Navy Chairs will be used in place of the regular chairs in CAFE EASE located on the first floor of the Marunouchi Building.

In addition to the design, the 111 Navy Chair concept has been widely accepted since 2010 when it went on sale around the world. Through the 111 Navy Chair being shown at the Tokyo Chair City Exhibition, and considering it to be an icon in aiming for a sustainable society, Coca-Cola (Japan) proposes realization of a sustainable future around the world.

Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd. is based in Tokyo and its CEO is President Daniel H. Sayre.

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