Charity Dynamics Launches Boundless Voices™ for Nonprofits, Enabling Organizations to Exponentially Broaden Reach and Strengthen Impact

New Online Advocacy Application for Facebook®, Email and Smartphones Allows Nonprofits to Tap into Supporters' Social Networks to Increase Awareness and Gain Stronger Voice

Sep 28, 2011, 09:00 ET from Charity Dynamics

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Charity Dynamics, the same company behind the nonprofit market's highly successful Boundless Fundraising™ solution, today introduced Boundless Voices, a suite of online advocacy applications for Facebook, email and smartphones that empower organizations to exponentially extend their reach and amplify their impact.

Boundless Voices provides a way for nonprofits to engage more closely with supporters, give advocates a stronger voice, and leverage their social networks to increase awareness for their organizations' causes.

Grassroots Advocacy via Facebook

Much more than a fan page, Boundless Voices for Facebook provides a single location where supporters can manage all of their advocacy activity. The application enables individuals to easily share a nonprofit's action alerts and key messages with their Facebook networks, empowering them to have a louder voice while also engaging and influencing other potential supporters.

"A key advantage is that Boundless Voices makes it possible for nonprofits to easily connect with not only an individual advocate but also his or her extended network of Facebook friends, which helps to significantly strengthen an organization's reach and impact of their action alerts," said Donna Wilkins, president of Charity Dynamics. "The average Facebook user has 130 friends in their network, and now nonprofits have a way to effectively reach this network of potential supporters. By taking many of the practices that a nonprofit's strongest advocates are already doing online and through their social networks and making them available to all of an organization's supporters, Boundless Voices ultimately enables a much stronger movement and compounding effect of advocacy-related activity."

Utilizing open APIs, Boundless Voices enables all activity conducted by supporters in the application to be tracked by a nonprofit's primary communication database. In addition to taking action, tracking advocacy activity and sharing alerts with Facebook friends, Boundless Voices enables an organization's supporters to:

  • Earn and display different achievement badges on their profiles based on their level of participation and advocacy activity;
  • Opt-in to receive automated wall posts when certain advocacy-related milestones are achieved; and
  • Share their story regarding how they've been impacted by a particular issue being addressed by the organization.

Boundless Voices for Email and Smartphones

In addition to the Facebook application, Charity Dynamics' Boundless Voices also enables nonprofits to utilize email and mobile platforms to further broaden their organizations' visibility and awareness around key issues. Boundless Voices for Email displays a customized branded badge in a supporter's email signature, which includes a link to an organization's most urgent advocacy action item.  Boundless Voices for Smartphones enables supporters to view and respond to action alerts, track their advocacy activity, and quickly share a nonprofit's message with friends and other contacts—all from the convenience of their mobile devices. Organizations can also utilize the smartphone app to proactively notify and mobilize supporters around urgent advocacy needs. Available on iPhone®, Android™ and Blackberry® platforms, the Boundless Voices smartphone app includes customized branding for a nonprofit and fully integrates with the organization's third-party communications system.

Longtime Charity Dynamics client American Nurses Association is the first nonprofit that will use Boundless Voices to engage constituents and generate a higher level of advocacy activity.

"With Boundless Voices, we'll be able to provide our supporters with innovative tools which facilitate their transformation from individual contributors and advocates into powerful organizers," said Rose Gonzalez, RN, Director, Government Affairs, American Nurses Association. "Thanks to Charity Dynamics, our constituents will be able to more effectively take action, speak up and share their voices on issues that are important to our organization, while easily recruiting others to do the same. This is the kind of collective voice and participation that we need in order to continue to be heard and truly make a difference."

About Charity Dynamics

Charity Dynamics provides comprehensive online marketing and fundraising solutions for nonprofit organizations. The company's expert consulting services enable nonprofits of all sizes to create and implement results-driven fundraising strategies through online programs, live and virtual events, social media and mobile solutions. Organizations using Charity Dynamics' innovative Boundless Fundraising application have raised more than $100 million directly through the application in less than three years. Charity Dynamics' clients include The ALS Association, American Cancer Society, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and The Salvation Army. For more information, please visit

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