Charity Marketing Gets the Thumbs up From Consumers

Oct 26, 2010, 03:00 ET from The REaD Group plc

LONDON, October 26, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The results of a study into how consumers perceive charity marketing and their data management has thrown up some interesting results that could help charities increase their fundraising potential and stretch their marketing budgets.

The research was commissioned by leading Data Asset Management specialist, The REaD Group plc, in response to the dramatic fall in supporter donations, which some charities have noticed.

In spite of the grim economic outlook, it would appear that charities have cast off their old image as junk mailers. Indeed, 42% of consumers place high levels of trust in the way charities handle their personal data, which is in stark contrast to Government who were least trusted by 36% of consumers.

Although the press is rife with stories about catastrophic data losses or of data being used fraudulently, often careless errors in the way that data is used can lead to highly distressing situations for individuals, not to mention the money that is wasted on sending invalid mailings.

The research indicated that 29% of adults would stop supporting a charity that sent them badly targeted direct mail (e.g. sending prostate cancer mailing to a young female) while 47% of consumers said they would cease supporting a charity that they deemed to be wasting money on marketing communications.

15% of consumers said they would stop donations to charities that used inaccurate name and address details and overall men were more likely to cancel their donations if their personal details were wrong.

We may not like doing it, but as a nation, we are getting better at complaining to charities if we don't like a marketing mailing. After all, complaining is an essential customer service tool that allows organisations to rectify fundamental problems in their business practice. 53% of consumers said they would complain if they were dissatisfied with a charity's marketing, with 35% of this group saying they would complain directly to a charity over any other organisation. The Scots are the most vocal when it comes to communicating directly with the charities.

Despite the rise of digital marketing channels such as Email, it appears that direct marketing is still the nation's favourite! 30% of adult consumers prefer to receive postal communications from charities, which was closely followed by Email and Advertising.

Samantha Wilson, MarComms Manager at the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) says, "We at the FRSB are pleased that the results of this survey show that the public trust charities to look after their data. We would encourage all charities to make it as easy as possible for their supporters to let them know when they've got it wrong so as they can continue to successfully manage their data. With the risk that if charities get their personal information wrong they will simply take their donations elsewhere, is has never been more important for charities to look after their data and follow best practice guidelines."

Mark Roy CEO of the REaD Group plc added, "British Charities lead the world when it comes to effective fundraising however, current economic and environmental pressures means that charities and voluntary organisations need to be even more efficient. At The REaD Group, we believe that consumers should be treated with respect and we have worked with some of the UK's leading charities to help them implement effective, sensitive and responsible direct marketing campaigns."

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