Chartboost Announces Direct-Deal Advertising Marketplace for Mobile Games

Enables Publishers to Cross-Promote Their Games, Skipping the Mediation of an Ad Network

Oct 03, 2011, 09:00 ET from Chartboost

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Chartboost today announced the availability of its new direct-deal marketplace that enables game publishers to manage the distribution power of their mobile games and monetize the success of a Top-100 app in the App Store. With the Chartboost technology platform, publishers can leverage the chart-topping success of one of their games to either cross-promote their other games to build a stronger user base for their titles or drive tens of thousands of dollars in revenue by promoting other publishers' apps.

The Chartboost platform uses fully customizable, white-labeled full-screen interstitials to suggest other games that may interest users. Interstitials become an attractive game suggestion and are not perceived as if they were ads. When publishers do not use their inventory to promote their own games, they can sell it directly to other publishers and monetize their app. Publishers completely control the allocation of traffic between direct deals as well as the internal cross-promotion within their network of apps. Publishers can design the look and feel of interstitials to match their game.

"Our marketplace is like a dating site for mobile publishers, where they can find each other and do advertising deals directly, on their own terms with no mediation," said Maria Alegre, co-founder and CEO of Chartboost. "Top-100 app developers can find publishers like TinyCo, Pocket Gems, Gameview, Storm8 and others that will spend thousands of dollars to buy traffic on specific weekends, and those developers can make their direct deals during the time that their game spends on the charts."

The Chartboost platform provides 100-percent transparency with in-depth metrics to ensure that interstitials match a publisher's desired outcomes. Publishers can see a complete list of apps that are promoting or being promoted in their game, target and filter specific apps to optimize performance, and ultimately measure results and establish direct deals with other game publishers that offer the best fit for their goals.

"Since users like trying new games, publishers have discovered that the most effective place to promote a new game is in another game," said Sean Fannan, co-founder and CTO of Chartboost.

According to Fannan, integration with the Chartboost platform is easy through the company's intuitive SDK (software developer's kit), and a campaign can be up and running within minutes. From there, publishers have complete control over their campaigns through an online dashboard.

"One of the primary advantages that the Chartboost leadership team possesses is its experience as game publishers, dating back to our days at Tapulous, then Disney," added Fannan. "In short, our platform has been developed by publishers for publishers."

With the Chartboost platform, companies can now manage and sell their own inventory directly without sharing 50 percent of the revenues with an ad network.

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Chartboost offers a direct-deal advertising marketplace that enables game publishers to manage the distribution power of their mobile game apps and monetize the success of a Top-100 app in the App Store. With the Chartboost technology platform, publishers can cross-promote their own games to build awareness or do direct deals with other publishers to drive revenue. For more information, visit

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