Offers Legal Help with FTA Warrants

Jan 20, 2014, 09:00 ET from

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- offers legal help to those who have had FTA warrants issued. The skilled traffic attorney at will work closely with clients to get their FTA warrants resolved, dismiss any tickets and keep the points off their driver's licenses. 

Resolving the traffic ticket and the FTA warrants is what is all about. The failure to appear warrant lawyer at this office offers vital support to those who are trying to keep their driving records clean, their insurance rates down and their budgets under control. 

The seasoned traffic ticket lawyer at offers committed representation that helps clients achieve the best outcomes for their case and focuses efforts solely on traffic law. Representation is available not just for bench warrants but also drivers who are stopped for speeding tickets, red light tickets, stop sign tickets, carpool lane violations, no insurance tickets, cell phone tickets, texting while driving tickets, CDL tickets, U-turn tickets and other common traffic violations. Clients often do not even have to appear in court but can still reap all the benefits of high-quality representation.  Visit for more information.

FTA warrants may be issued for anyone who has failed to pay a ticket or to appear in court, and they can lead to a seriously bad day. While being stopped on a minor traffic infraction can be an inconvenience for most people, those who have FTA warrants may find themselves being arrested. FTA warrants can result in increased court costs, time in jail and a police record that will show up on background checks. 

Traffic tickets are the most common cause for FTA warrants to be issued. The ticket may have been forgotten or left unpaid, or the person may have intended to contest it and simply forgotten the court date. Regardless of why the FTA warrant was issued, the results are often the same: an unexpected arrest. provides skilled traffic ticket representation for drivers in all of Los Angeles County's Courts, including Metropolitan Metro Court, Van Nuys Court, Beverly Hills Court, Santa Monica Court, Inglewood Court, Chatsworth Court, Long Beach Court, Torrance Court, as well as Orange County Courts such as Newport Beach Harbor Justice Center and Westminster West Justice Center.



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