New Subscribers Top 100,000!

CheaterVille adds 100,000 new users within 6 months of initial launch.

Aug 04, 2011, 08:06 ET from CheaterVille, Inc.

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CheaterVille, Inc., a Las Vegas online social media company that provides information about alleged cheaters, today announced that more than 100,000 users have subscribed to the company's Social Networking website since it launched on February 14th of this year.  


"We are thrilled to have more than 100,000 subscribers join our CheaterVille community in such a short period of time," said CheaterVille's founder and CEO James McGibney. "By expanding CheaterVille into Canada, we added an additional 5,000 Canadian subscribers within 72 hours. Considering the incredible growth that companies like Facebook continue to experience, it's clear that users embrace the social networking aspect of the Internet," stated Mr. McGibney.  Michael Carr, current CheaterVille board member and former President of Playboy agrees. "The rapid continued growth of CheaterVille is a testament of the desire for a social forum on the subject of fidelity.  When I was running Playboy magazine, these are the types of numbers we were pulling in, and Playboy has been around for decades.  CheaterVille has become a social phenomenon in less than six months, simply amazing."

About CheaterVille

In a world where temptation, lust, and adultery are facilitated by online media, where does moral accountability fit in? With terms like discreet adultery and cyber affair, how is the truth to be told and where can it be found? CheaterVille was created with one goal in mind, keeping you ahead of the heartache -- even when it hurts. So whether you're a victim, perpetrator or curious acquaintance, CheaterVille can give you the inside scoop on that special someone before you're another heartbroken mess writhing in the wake of Ms. Madison or Craig and his lists.

Why is a victim of online cheating always the last to find out? By using powerful search algorithms and the information submitted by members, CheaterVille will alert you if anything is posted about a partner in question -- good or bad and free of charge. So if you've been wronged, or know someone who has, join the community today and denounce the misdeeds of known cheaters. A free account can be set up in minutes and the service lasts a lifetime. Heed the warning signs of cheating. Be proactive. Join CheaterVille and don't be the last to know.

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SOURCE CheaterVille, Inc.