Check, Please! Diners Weigh In on Waitstaff in Honor of National Waitstaff Day Celebrates Good Service with New Waitstaff Survey Results

May 14, 2013, 08:53 ET from

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- reveals today how service impacts dining experiences, just in time for National Waitstaff Day on May 21, 2013.  A recent survey by the company found waitstaff, good or bad, can truly make or break a dining experience. In fact, nearly all respondents (95 percent) say outstanding service can "make" their meal.


Diners truly value the opinions of waitstaff when dining out.  The survey found nine out of ten (91 percent) respondents ask for a server's recommendation before placing their order and nearly three-quarters (71 percent) are likely to order a dish their server suggests.

In addition to valuing a server who shares their personal dish recommendations, many diners value a waiter or waitress who keeps promptness top-of-mind. More than half of respondents (65 percent) believe their server should greet their table within three minutes of being seated. On the contrary, a slim one percent say they don't place importance on how long it takes a server to greet them.

Additional National Waitstaff Day survey findings include:

  • Familiar Faces – Nearly three-quarters of people (74 percent) have a preferred server at their favorite dining establishment and more than half (56 percent) have requested a particular server while dining out.
  • Just a Couple – 91 percent of survey respondents prefer their server check on their table once or twice, no more or less, after the food arrives.  Only six percent prefer a server to hover, checking back multiple times, and even fewer respondents (2 percent) prefer to call out if they need something.
  • They've Got Skills – When it comes to a server's skills seven out of ten (72 percent) consumers are impressed when a server correctly remembers which member of the party ordered which dish. Meanwhile, four out of ten (44 percent) are impressed when a complimentary dessert is served to commemorate a special occasion.
  • Word of Mouth – Good news travels faster than bad, as over half of those surveyed (62 percent) have contacted a restaurant or written a review about an exceptional server while just half (51 percent) will do the same about poor service.

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Editors Note: 2,125 men and women participated in the National Waitstaff Day survey via Survey Monkey from March 12-21, 2013.