CheckAlt Completes Certification With Velocity Payment System

Mar 28, 2011, 14:25 ET from CheckAlt Payments Solutions

LOS ANGELES, March 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Govolution LLC today announced that CheckAlt has successfully completed certification with the Velocity Payment System. Velocity customers are now able to process transactions through CheckAlt's Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solution with data integrated into the Velocity Payment System.


CheckAlt's patented Remote Deposit Capture system revolutionizes the way organizations process checks and deposits. Their solution simplifies the payment process by scanning checks and extracting data from both checks and stubs, to simplify accounting, eliminate trips to the bank, and make deposits faster and more efficiently. "The CheckAlt team is excited to be selected by Govolution as an RDC partner and look forward to bringing our services to utilities, government, and businesses who are processing a high volume of paper checks," says Shai Stern, CEO of CheckAlt.

Govolution's Velocity Payment System is an industry leading, enterprise payment solution for billers. Velocity enables organizations to offer expanded bill payment options to customers to include Web, Phone, IVR, Kiosk and Point of Sale payment mechanism while optimizing the entire revenue cycle. Velocity also offers a range of electronic billing, self-service account management, paper bill opt-out, and electronic bill presentment solutions enabling organizations to improve customer satisfaction, expand services, and reduce costs.

"With CheckAlt's RDC solution, Velocity clients can expand payment options with transaction data flows already integrated through Velocity's existing interfaces to ERP, accounting, and specialized accounts receivable systems," says Greg Gentile, President of Govolution. The turn-key integration is ideal for organizations in industries such as HealthCare, Education, Utilities, and Government. The combined offering eliminates the technical challenges of integrating alternative payment options for organizations, and it reduces implementation timeframes.

About Govolution:

Govolution is a leading provider electronic payment solutions enabling billers to offer a full range of payment options for customers while optimizing the revenue cycle. Govolution's Velocity Payment System is an industry leading payment system that enables payments over the Web, Phone, IVR, Kiosk and Point of Sale, and includes electronic billing, self-service account management and electronic bill presentment capabilities. Velocity provides unique capabilities for several industries including HealthCare, Education, Insurance, Utilities and Government. Learn more at

About CheckAlt:

CheckAlt Payment Solutions is among the country's premier payment processing companies providing Check21 services allowing businesses nationwide to utilize patented Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) systems to improve their top and bottom lines.  CheckAlt's unique RDC empowers businesses such as credit unions, utilities, municipalities and community banks by enabling them to locally deposit scanned checks virtually while reducing associated internet transaction processing costs.  Streamlined clients experience the benefits of receiving funds in less than 12 hours without having to change banks or accounting systems.  Swift, simple, and safe: CheckAlt Payment Solutions is the smartest way to do business.  Learn more at:

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