ChiaraMail Rolls Out Snapchat Competitor

Aug 30, 2013, 17:00 ET from ChiaraMail Corp.

KENSINGTON, Calif., Aug. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ChiaraMail Corp. announced a feature to its ground-breaking Android-based e-mail client, ECSMail, that attempts to one-up Snapchat, the popular ephemeral messaging app. According to Robert Uomini, CEO of ChiaraMail, the new feature, dubbed "self-destruct mode," enables users to send e-mail messages that disappear after a few seconds, much like Snapchat does. But the similarity ends there.

"Self-destruct mode in ECSMail picks up where Snapchat leaves off," says Uomini, who developed ECSMail and the self-destruct mode feature in particular. "Users not only use a camera app to snap a picture and send it out to others, they also have a choice of app. If they have it installed on their device, they can use it with ECSMail." This is important, Uomini claims, because, unlike the Snapchat camera, the better camera apps also enable spectacular special effects which can be applied while the picture is being composed.

Uomini goes on to list other features of the new ECSMail enhancement that he believes will make the ChiaraMail product the clear choice among users, such as the ability to prevent screen captures of ECS messages, multiple images in a single message, text accompaniment and the ability to add inline images from pictures stored on disk, to name a few.

"ECS technology lends itself very well to ephemeral messaging, as senders have complete control over their e-mail, even after it has been sent," says Uomini. For this reason, implementation of self-destruct mode was very straightforward and, he claims, took under two and a half weeks to complete.

Along the way, he also gave ECSMail the ability to include images inline, in the body of the message, rather than only as attachments. This feature streamlines the messaging process, he says, as it provides the sender with immediate feedback on the image, which he can then choose to keep or remove from the message.

When asked what his favorite camera app is for use with ECSMail, he answers immediately. "Camera MX. Hands down, it's the best app I've found in terms of its special effects options and its ability to let the user apply effects while he's composing the picture. It's only when you've worked with a camera app that way that you get to appreciate the power of Camera MX."

ECSMail is only available for Android. When queried why there's no iOS version, Uomini replies, "Google provided a good open-source e-mail client that I was able to leverage and provide as a base for ECSMail. Apple hasn't done that so far; in fact, to my knowledge, there are no iOS open-source mail clients."

ECSMail Version 4.12 is available from Google Play starting today. And best of all, it's free.

SOURCE ChiaraMail Corp.