Children's Interactive Website, Planet Fassa, Helps Get Kids Reading and Back Outside

Planet Fassa is helping families get kids off the computer by using the computer!

Mar 30, 2011, 08:00 ET from Planet Fassa

CHICAGO, March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Planet Fassa is a new website that gives kids the opportunity to read books, participate in activities, on-and-off line, and communicate with friends and family members through various activities.  It's a modern day "choose your own adventure" book!

Planet Fassa has a wide range of characters that go on different adventures within a series of books called "Fassa Tails".  Kids are challenged to get outside and participate in activities alongside the books' characters.  They can also build their own "village" where friends and family members can login and follow the child's activities.  Members can make their own challenges for the child and come up with their own rewards too.  Kids earn points for each activity they complete and then "cash" them in for rewards.  Think of it as a virtual allowance!

Working parents can also log on during the day and see the type of activities their child did with Planet Fassa.  When returning home, they can encourage their child to discuss these activities, giving them a wider range of conversation topics and helping them move beyond the usual "how was school today?"  Parents can find a new way of communicating with their children and feel a part of their everyday activities.

Planet Fassa also encourages kids to get outside!  Many of the activities involve outdoor settings so kids don't spend hours in front of a computer screen or television.  The Planet Fassa characters challenge kids to use their imaginations!  The site also gives parents new ideas to create activities for their kids using their current surroundings.  For example, Planet Fassa gives subjects to talk to your children about, activities for an upcoming road trip and games like "Doctor's Office Hangman."

Planet Fassa is creating a platform for kids to get outside and enjoy their surroundings. The site's goal is to open kids' minds and expand their curiosity, imagination, creativity and love for reading through characters they can relate to.  Many of the "Fassa Tails" storylines are centered on life lessons, teaching kids to respect others and the planet they live on.  By using new technology, Planet Fassa hopes to bring back old-fashion play!

F-A-S-S-A stands for Fun, Activities, Stories, Service, Awards


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