Chile's Diverse Geography Mixes up an Unforgettable Flavor Palette

Aug 27, 2013, 08:00 ET from Vivaldi Fifth Season

NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Born from fjords, grown amid glaciers and harvested from exotic rainforests, the fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat and spirits represented by Foods from Chile are the unique and toothsome result of that country's diverse terrain and rich natural resources.


The Foods from Chile campaign, launched in 2012, sprung from a desire to share the wholesome goodness of foods grown and raised in Chile with American consumers. In sharing this story, food bloggers, celebrity chefs, health advocates and flavor-seeking fans have discovered how Chile's fertile mix of coastline, arid terrain, glacial mountains and rainforests produce an abundant and varied range of healthy natural foods.

From Desert to Sea, Chile's Terrain Spans It All

Five bio-diverse growing regions produce the 22 ingredients represented by the Foods from Chile campaign, as well as these 25 unusual native foods you may have never heard of. 

The wildly fluctuating temperatures of the Great North, which swing from below freezing to 80 degrees, give life to diverse agricultural production. Classic tastes from here include the sweetness of plump Chilean mangos and delicate, protein-rich sea urchins.

The Small North, a misty, atmospheric region, provides a lush environment in which fresh grapes and tangy Pica Lemons flourish. Tourists brave enough to try the Copao succulent get the pucker of a lifetime from one of Chile's most sour and unforgettable taste experiences.   

Nestled between the Andes and the Cordillera de la Costa mountains, the Central Zone yields traditional fruits such as avocados, plums and peaches. More daring visitors will venture out for a big, bold bite of Tunicate, a reddish-orange shellfish that resembles a prehistoric rock.

In the Southern Zone, amid the snow-capped volcanoes of the Andean foothills, you'll find Chile's livestock and dairy industries. The region also produces antioxidant-rich Maqui berries, which when combined with Araucaria pine nuts deliver a protein-packed snack that's brimming with dietary fiber.

Patagonia, Chile's southernmost region, spans hundreds of rugged islands and a mainland cut by fjords and glaciers. Its pristine evergreen forests produce vitamin-rich cherries, distinctively flavored Magallanic lamb and free-radical clobbering  Calafate berries.

Marveling at Chile's geographical and culinary diversity? Learn more by watching this
two-minute video from the Foods from Chile campaign. 

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