China Digital Media Summit 2011 Successfully Held in Beijing

Sep 18, 2011, 10:00 ET from

BEIJING, Sept. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- With the fast growth of internet, digital technology and multi-media platforms, internet and digital media in China and around the world are experiencing drastic changes. On September 18, China Business Network (CBN) and AdChina held China Digital Media Summit (CDMS) 2011 in Beijing. About 40 global thought leaders and 500 guests from the IT industry shared their insights on the future of internet and digital media.

Emerging trends such as microblog and mobile internet are rapidly changing the landscape of internet and media. In this backdrop, there were 6 topics in this year's CDMS: "Shifting Digital Landscape," "Winning in the Open Platform Environment," "Winning on the Mobile Internet," "Competition in Online Video," "Evolution of E-commerce" and "New Directions for Traditional Media."

Alan Yan, CEO of AdChina which is the co-organizer of CDMS, stated in the opening speech that, "From the first CDMS to today, China's digital media industry has experienced many significant changes. The exponential growth of microblog changed people's daily life, and altered their sources of information. Online video also entered a new phase, becoming an industry of high investment and high return. There will be great opportunities and challenges for e-commerce, group buying, mobile internet and the capital market."

Charles Chao, President of CEO of SINA Corporation, said in the Summit that, "Social media is the hottest topic in China's digital media among the past few year. The coverage of social media, such as microblog, in China has already reached 50%. The miraculous growth of social media is aligned with internet's own characteristics."

SINA microblog has gathered over 200 million registered users in the past two year. Charles says that, "Microblog allows users to create and distribute contents as individuals, bringing us to the era of self reporting. In comparison, traditional media moves to more in-depth reporting and analysis." Regarding the business model of microblogs, he stated that, "Advertising is still the most important revenue source for media. In addition, microblogs can provide communication channels between businesses and users."

As a premium platform for China's digital media industry, CDMS receives attention from the global digital media industry since its first Summit last year. This year, CDMS has international guests including Meyer Sandy Frucher, Vice Chairman of The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc., George C. Lee, Managing Director & Co-Head of the Global Technology, Media and Telecom Group in the Investment Banking of Goldman Sachs, Lucian Tarnowski, Founder and CEO of, Imran Khan, Managing Director of Credit Suisse, Bill Demas, President & CEO of Turn, Inc. and Gregory Dale, COO of comScore.

Meyer Sandy Frucher mentioned in his keynote speech that despite market uncertainties, many companies, in particular Asian companies, are planning to IPO. Transparency is very important to American investors and government. Clear explanation of company's business model and profit channels are important to bring confidence to the market. We are glad to bring more Chinese companies into the US market.

AdChina and CBN also co-organized CDMS in 2010, aiming to build the most valuable thought platform for digital media in China. AdChina, founded in April 2007 in Silicon Valley, is the leading integrated internet advertising platform in China. CBN is the largest cross media, regions and industries financial media group in china. CBN is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group, who is the second largest media group in China.