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Nov 10, 2015, 23:09 ET from ReportBuyer

LONDON, Nov. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In October 2015, China's fluorochemical market continued the downturn, all bottom prices in fluorite (CaF2>97%), AHF (99.95%), R22 and PTFE.

LiPF6, one of the fine fluorochemicals, stood out of this sluggish market. By early October, its price was 12.50% higher than that in January.

This mainly can be attributed to the rapid growth in the emerging alternative energy vehicle industry. Supported by a series of government policies, this alternative energy vehicle industry will maintain high-speed development in the next few years. Foreseeable, ups will be seen in both the sales price and sales volume of LiPF6 in 2016.

Expectedly, the premium fine fluorochemicals also showed upward trends, including electronic grade HF, high performance fluororubber and new fluorine-enriched materials. In the 13th Five-year Plan (2016-2020), China's fluorochemical industry is set to enter the crucial transformation and upgrading stage. By 2020, it is expected that fluorochemical industry can present more rational structure (the improvement of the 'overcapacity in low-end and deficiency in high-end' status quo), more scientific growth pattern, more significant development potential and more powerful ability to cope with risks, after 5 years of independent innovation, technology improvement and supply extension.In October 2015, Daikin Fluorochemical announced to expand the production capacity for special fluororubber.

This is the second international leading organic fluoride enterprise after DuPont to expand its fluororubber business layout in China in 2015. In the light of the industry and related downstream industry development, the high-performance fluororubber is becoming a hot property, expected to continuously bring new opportunities to the world's leading enterprises.

In early October 2015, the LiPF6 price kept growing in China, expected to cause the electrolyte price to rebound in Q4. CCM believes that the constantly upward LiPF6 price could be attributed to the strong demand from the downstream industry and the rising raw material price. Hopefully, the LiPF6 market (sales & price) will maintain the strong upturn in 2016.

In October 2015, as the downstream refrigerant market stayed sluggish, China's AHF (99.95%) market was also gloomy. In addition, a downturn also appeared in the upstream raw material, indicating no cost support. CCM predicts that the price of AHF (99.95%) in Q4 will be unable to recover. The months of weakness will not be uprooted this year.

During January-September 2015, Shanghai 3F suffered losses, expected to step further in the whole year. However, CCM believes that the company will make a turnaround next year, based on its business activities this year.

In late October, 2015, Do-Fluoride announced to minify the AlF3 production scale and expand the LiPF6 production capacity. This marks a significant step for the company to adjust its product structure, from the traditional fluoride salt business to alternative energy business.

In October 2015, Daimler, a leading vehicle manufacturer in Germany, announced to apply HFO-1234yf in its new vehicles launched in 2016. This is a complete reversal of its previous firm rejection. CCM believes that this declaration will rapidly shake the stand of other vehicle manufacturers who were in the same camp, and will play a role in HFO-1234yf worldwide promotion.

In mid-October, 2015, Dongyue Group obtained a special fund of USD5.36 million (RMB34.07 million) from Shandong's Zibo municipal government for product R&D, scientific research platform construction, reconstruction for environmental protection and industrial park development. In the light of the company's primary development planning in the 13th Five-year Planning, Dongyue Group, driven by scientific innovation, will focus on developing the fluorine and silicon material business in strength and size.In September 2015, the ex-works price of fluorite (CaF2>97%) in China continued the downturn. In Q4, however, it is expected to stop falling and stay stable, as the downstream demand will increase and the supply will decrease under low temperature.

In September 2015, China's R22 price continuously decreased. Due to the sufficient production quota and the sluggish downstream demand, the price is expected to further decline in Q4, according to analyst CCM.

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