China Grants Samplify Second Series of Patents for Medical Imaging Technologies

Chinese OEMs To Gain Access to Innovative image-compression technology

Aug 22, 2010, 18:00 ET from Samplify Systems, Inc.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Samplify Systems, Inc., a leading provider of signal-compression technology, semiconductors, and solutions, today announced that the Chinese Government has granted the company its second series of technology patents for medical imaging applications.  These new patents come on the heels of the first series of patents that were granted earlier this month for wireless base station compression.  More specific, China utility model patents were granted by the China State Intellectual Property Office covering the use of compressing and storing x-ray projection data in Computed Tomography (CT) systems.  CT projection data is generated when x-rays are digitized and are transferred, stored, and processed by CT image reconstruction computers.  Samplify's patented compression technology reduces CT projection data bandwidth and storage requirements by a factor of four.  These patents include:



Patent Numbers

Patent Title


Apparatus for compressing projection data in a computed tomography system


Edge detection for computed tomography projection data


Apparatus for compressing and storing projection data in a rotatable part of a computed tomography system

With the granting of this second series of patents in China, Samplify's Prism CT compression technology is now protected in a market and region that is strategically important for the company.  Indeed, Samplify continues to make inroads with the leading medical system companies in China.  As important, these OEMs continue to leverage China's significant stimulus funding of $125B, part of which will be used for the deployment of next-generation CT equipment.  Samplify's innovative compression technology for medical applications saves medical imaging OEMs significant design, development, and manufacturing costs for the transport and storage of CT projection signals from the x-ray detectors on the rotating gantry to the image reconstruction workstation.

According to Al Wegener, Samplify CTO and founder, "Medical equipment OEMs who are developing new, lower-cost CT systems, are challenged to transport and store huge amounts of digital data in real time.  Samplify's Prism CT compression technology offers these OEMs an innovative way to reduce these transfer and storage bottlenecks in a cost-effective manner. No other solution can match Samplify's low complexity and low-cost solutions while operating at compression rates greater than 200 Msps."

"Today's announcement is another example of the Chinese government's willingness to open up its markets to foreign corporations in an effort to gain access to the best technologies and intellectual property for its own corporate base," says Tom Sparkman, Samplify CEO.   "We are very pleased," he added, "that we are able to make inroads with Chinese OEMs using our technology in such a protected fashion."

About Prism CT:

Samplify System's Prism CT™ delivers higher signal quality, and lower latency for optimum data transmission in next-generation wireless and medical imaging applications. Prism CT™ has been proven in the medical literature to provide up to 3:1 compression on x-ray detector data without diagnostic impact to reconstructed image quality.  Prism CT™ is through Samplify's exclusive hardware partner, Moog Components Group, and is also available as intellectual property for popular FPGA platforms.

About Samplify Systems:

Samplify is a venture-funded solution provider of signal compression technology, semiconductor and system products.  Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Samplify's customers include wireless infrastructure, medical imaging, and industrial control companies worldwide.  Samplify's technology and semiconductor products, including the SAM1600 family of compressing ADCs, have won multiple industry awards for innovation, including the first data converter with integrated data compression.  Additional information about Samplify can be found at

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