China Manufacturing Brought Back by US Company and Wins Prestigious Awards

Apr 23, 2013, 13:03 ET from Gutterglove, Inc.

ROCKLIN, Calif., April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Manufacturer Gutterglove, Inc. recently received two top Earnies Awards for their media campaign for creating awareness of the importance of bringing offshore manufacturing back to the USA. Gutterglove's transition of bringing back China manufacturing of its top rated gutter protection systems to this great country has created more jobs and infused millions of dollars back into the American economy.

President and CEO Robert Lenney felt it was important to tell Americans so they can understand better the positive impact having products made onshore can have on our economy.

"Once we decided to start making our gutter guards in the US, I wanted to inform the country of our efforts, hoping that it would encourage Americans," says Robert. "It just seems like most products on the shelves these days are made in 'some other country', and not the land of the free."

Other companies as well sense the urgency to produce more products in the US rather than only abroad. CEO executive Bill Simon of Walmart announced in January 2013 that it will do its part to help out the American economy.

"On domestic sourcing, Walmart and Sam's Club will buy an additional $50 billion in US products over the next 10 years."

As more and more companies drive their manufacturing back to US soil, we'll see reduced unemployment rates and an improved economic infrastructure.

According to the November 2012 Facts about Manufacturing manuscript page 2, available on the website, "No sector creates more economic value or supports more additional jobs than manufacturing."

Gutterglove uses several US part manufacturers now and ships them to their Rocklin California plant for assembly. They purchase a couple of their parts offshore, but represents less than 12% of the overall product makeup.

Gutterglove, Inc. gutter protection systems install over your gutter for keeping leaves and pine needles out of your gutter so you don't have to clean your gutters again. With five US Patents strong, and many more patent pending applications in the hopper, Gutterglove continues to lead in gutter filtering technology.

They have over 400 dealers throughout the US that install their pro-installed product lines, and their DIY gutter guards can be found on and several stores throughout the country.

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