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May 16, 2013, 08:00 ET from China Odyssey Tours

GUILIN, China, May 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Private tours has become the most popular choice among travelers over the past decade, especially in the case of China, a trend revealed at a recent PATA seminar held earlier this year which discussed the new trend of tourism in the Asia-Pacific area and how to implement innovative technology. PATA members, industry leaders of OTA in China, and insiders from TripAdvisor, Visa and others attended the discussion and shared their first-hand perspectives and insights. Michael Zhou, President of China Odyssey Tours (which is owned and operated by Tang Dynasty Tours) commented, "Considering China's size in territory and diversity in tourism resource, traditional group tours or sit-in-coach tours no longer satisfy travelers' requests for privacy and uniqueness, that's exactly why we saw the private tour service surging over the past years."

Why a Private China Tour?

Traveling independently looks cool and may work on other parts of the earth but not in a non-English country like China.

Is it really that enjoyable to have to take care of everything from hotel booking to ordering from a Mandarin-only menu while having precious and limited holiday time? Do basic English descriptions at attractions sate appetites for a deeper insight into the mystery of this land? Does a guidebook offer the best angle for a wonderful spot or a hidden charm that only locals know? Probably not.

This is where a group tour comes in.

What if you are traveling with kids? "Mom, I want KFC! Can we go to a zoo?" Requests pop out from now and then, unfortunately you find none of them included in your pre-set schedule and no hope to fit them in.

What if you happen to be in your 60s or so and comfort does matter? Waiting 30 minutes until other 30 (or more) travelers in your group show up before each departure isn't fun, neither is not being able to sleep in every morning, nor the continuous frustration of missing the tour guide's explanations when you are busy photographing.

Well, if you join a private tour, flexible schedules based on personal pace, private tour guides, and cars at your disposal make none of them a problem.

How to Find a Quality Private Tour Company?

When facing tons of travel agencies with similar services, bear in mind:

Background Check Works

Needless to say how important it is to find a reliable travel company, so spend a few minutes on their "About us" page. Pay attention to the company's profile, their memberships with famous organization in industries like IATA or PATA, and whether the contact methods and account details (if available) match their company profiles.

Choose a Local One

No doubt that Chinese travel companies know the country better. First-hand knowledge and wide domestic resources network are valuable, and they can be more flexible when facing travelers' various needs and are more resourceful and efficient when dealing with potential emergencies. More importantly, no involvement of middlemen overseas tour wholesalers makes the price more affordable.

Trip Advisor Feedback Speaks a Lot

Words directly from travelers are more preferable. has turned into one of the biggest and unbiased travel websites packed with first-hand feedbacks of travelers. Have a look at feedback on before you make up your mind. Not only will you learn what people said about the company, but how the company reacted, and you'll get a general idea how their customer service is. 

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