China: Tolerance After the Hype -- Web Star, Shou Shou, Invited to be Ambassador for SUNPOOL Red Wine

Jun 08, 2010, 09:18 ET from SUNPOOL

SHENZHEN, China, June 8 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Web star, Shou Shou sent pulses racing during the recent international wine exhibition held in Guangzhou, China. When the time came to clink glasses with the president of SUNPOOL, enjoying her new role as an ambassador, her fans were screaming all around.

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Zhai Ling, who became popular through the internet as Shou Shou, just three month ago was considered the No.1 car show girl in China. This after coming through a very traumatic time of her life, following the sex video that spread over the internet like wildfire. The video soon became the focus of mainstream media, as the "Shou Shou Issue" became the talk of the town.

In fact, such was the expected fallout, many thought her career could well be over. However, quite the opposite was true. Having survived the initial onslaught, Shou Shou is now considerably more renowned than she ever previously was. It was therefore with ease that she was accepted at one of the biggest import and export exhibitions in China.

SUNPOOL, from the France manor where wine has been made for hundreds of years, chose this girl for their first showing in the China market because of her ability to beat the odds. The office speaker of SUNPOOL said: "Ms Zhai is a nice girl, and she has proven to be very brave to come through this in such a short time. Facing life with a positive attitude is a rare and commendable spirit and self-transcendence. We really value this never give up spirit and positive attitude for life."

The world famous red wine producer has chosen the girl who can face the problem and get over the adverse impact by her strive and tolerant approach to society. It shows their attitude of integrate into the local culture, at the same time, it also shows that Chinese are very sympathetic towards the weak, and tolerant to the unusual issues. Chinese society is a harmonious and grateful-hearted society, and the people have courage and big hearts, enough to forgive the mistake which everybody could have made, as well as give them the chance to make things right.

China, with its large population seems to have a unique generous attitude to the unusual things, and maybe that's something we can conclude from the Chinese. Maybe that's also one of characteristics of the Chinese, who over thousands of years, have absorbed all kinds of different cultures and religious spirit. Maybe, we can see through the other side of this mysterious giant east country.