China Top 100 Green Companies 2013 Unveiled

Apr 28, 2013, 08:00 ET from China Entrepreneur Club

KUNMING, China, April 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- China Top 100 Green Companies 2013 - The annual assessment for sustainable competitiveness of enterprises was unveiled in Kunming today. The top 100 sustainable Chinese enterprises were unveiled, including Alibaba, the Lenovo Group, Vanke, Huawei, TSMC and the TCL Corporation.

Guided by the Expert Committee for Chinese Green Companies, the assessment system has been revamped, with improvements in quantification, professionalism and substantiation. Taking into account the 5 cross-industry criteria – Culture, Economy, Environment, Society and Innovation – the evaluation collects quantitative data as the focus of information gathering and assessment. Points are concluded from multiple industries, and gained or lost in a standardized scoring system.

In this year's appraisal, many enterprises on the list have shown outstanding performance in solving environmental and social issues, building a healthy business ecosystem, helping employee growth, improving business reputations and solving climate change and environmental issues through creative commercial solutions. These companies provide a valuable reference for other enterprises looking for future growth.

Twelve of the China Top 100 Green Companies 2012 businesses failed to make this year's rankings, due to crossing one or more of the three red lines, breaking the law, having environmental, health and safety accidents, and having significant economic losses.

"Based on best values and principles, the appraisal of the top 100 Green Companies not only assesses these companies' economic strengths, but their sustainable competitiveness. With shared social values, environmental cost pressures, and further innovation of communication tools, the competition rules for enterprises have changed. Without continuous innovation and improvement, it will be impossible to achieve long-term goals," said Liu Donghua, the founder and Deputy Executive Chairman of the China Entrepreneur Club.

Jointly released with the rankings was the China Top 100 Green Companies Report 2013, which summarized the development trends of business sustainability this year, analyzing the top 100 companies on the list and the status of sustainable development in numerous industries.

Organized by the private think-tank the Daonong Center for Enterprise and Green Companies magazine, and initiated by the China Entrepreneur Club, the six-year-old China Top 100 Green Companies project is the first appraisal system integrating business logic of enterprise development, and environmentally and socially-friendly sustainable development logic. Through independent appraisal, the list aims to give operations a value for healthy and sustainable development, and to promote "economic, social and environmentally" sustainable companies as guiding examples of business.

About the China Entrepreneur Club

Established in 2006, the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) is an organization consisting of some of the most influential business leaders in China. As a non-profit organization, the CEC is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and sustainable development of the economy and society, as well as cultivating a positive commercial force and paving a path for green business development.

All members of the CEC are leaders of China's market economy, and as private entrepreneurs, have enjoyed commercial success by abiding by the laws of the market economy; secondly, CEC members are leaders within their respective fields, who have set examples for green transformation and for the application of new business models; thirdly, CEC member companies are dynamic and economically powerful, with 43 companies combined earning a gross income of around 2 trillion Yuan in 2011, making them an important part of the national economy.

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