ChinaNetCenter Helps Build a New Cloud Ecosystem

ChinaNetCenter cloud distribution platform interfaces with Tencent, Baidu, and many other cloud platforms to create a cloud ecosystem

Jun 05, 2013, 09:00 ET from ChinaNetCenter

BEIJING, June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ChinaNetCenter (stock code: 300017), a leading integrated service provider of CDN and IDC in China, today announced another major advance in cloud computing. Following the first-phase cloud infrastructure transformation in 2011, it initiated in-depth cooperation with many leading cloud platforms in China to provide cloud distribution services for them and build new cloud ecosystems in the industry. Currently, ChinaNetCenter cloud distribution platform has been officially interfaced with Tencent open platform, Baidu network disk, UCloud cloud, Qiniutek cloud storage, and other industry-leading cloud and storage platforms, and has begun providing services via these platforms.

It is understood that ChinaNetCenter's cloud distribution platform has so far developed over 50 standard open APIs and more than 100 functional items, and it uses a distributed architecture deployment to implement standardized management, while featuring strong stability, scalability, high security, and availability. The open APIs of ChinaNetCenter cloud distribution platform will revolutionize the long manual processes (usually taking one to two days) with changes to customer configuration. Now, only three to five minutes are needed to enable such changes to take effect in the entire network, effectively shortening the operation time, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.

"If the entire cloud ecosystem is likened to a human body, then ChinaNetCenter's cloud distribution platform is equivalent to the skeleton," said David Liu, vice president of ChinaNetCenter. "As ChinaNetCenter cloud distribution platform is becoming more perfect, we are willing to work with our partners to build a harmonious and win-win cloud ecosystem to easily distribute mass content through the cloud in a fast, secure, and stable way. ChinaNetCenter also hopes, with its 10-year professional service experience in content distribution, to enable end users to benefit from the changes that cloud distribution platforms have delivered to people's lives, production methods, and business models."

ChinaNetCenter is currently running more than 10,000 servers, with a bandwidth size of up to 2T, greatly improving its resource utilization, service efficiency, and security performance. In addition, ChinaNetCenter is working on building a cloud computing industry base and Shanghai R&D center, so as to further increase its cloud technology and product R&D efforts. In the future, ChinaNetCenter will also help to improve the cloud ecosystem and industry chain on levels such as DNS intelligent service, intelligent monitoring, big data analytics, and more, continuously creating a good network eco-environment and user experience for end users.

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