China's Leads the Trend: The New Smart Wearable Device for Pregnant Women

Nov 27, 2013, 06:21 ET from

SHANGHAI, Nov. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The largest childcare portal in the world launched the first smart watch, B-smart (, for pregnant women in November 2013, attracting more than 100 pregnant women to the scene to take advantage of the high-tech product.

The watch is the first smart wearable device designed specially for pregnant women in both domestic and international markets. Smart wearable devices have gained popularity since the end of last year. However, the devices launched before, including GEAk Watch, Smart Watch by Sony, Galaxy Gear by Samsung and miCoach by Adidas, have either focused on sports and health, or been promoted as a smart phone companion. No smart wearable device had been designed for pregnant women before. As the first smart wearable device for pregnant women in the world, B-smart of has got the head start in this business.

The childcare portal, founded on March 8, 2007, has already becomes the largest website of its kind in the world, with more members than, the famous portal in the United States.'s users have uploaded 20 million baby diary entries, with a daily growth of 10,000 entries, and 220 million photos, with a daily growth of 220,000. It also offers 200,000 FAQ entries online on maternal and infant issues.

Based on its huge database, has developed B-smart according to special demands from pregnant women. Instead of a high-tech device, B-smart looks much more like a fashionable accessory. The company invited German designer Luigi Colani, the "Leonardo da Vinci for the 21st century," to create the product. B-smart, in his opinion, is embodied with a deep meaning in its circular shape, which is an initial form for life representing the beginning and pregnancy. It is customized for pregnant women strictly based on Luigi Colani's design concept.

It can serve as an assistant to record both fetal movements and contractions of the uterus. By simply inputting one's weight before pregnancy, pregnant women can easily read its predicable graphs for the mother's growing weight on a weekly or monthly base, which gives the users advice and reminders regarding their diet and exercise. By calculating the data, the smart watch will also predict and update the mother-to-be on the baby's growth condition in terms of weight and size. It is the first time that these functions are available in smart wearable devices in the market.

Moreover, considering pregnant women's worries of radiation, the cellular connectivity of B-smart will be locked during pregnancy to reduce radiation almost to zero. But by updating some postpartum software, the cellular connectivity will be activated.

B-smart's all-scientific calculating methods are developed based on data from's large amount of users. Each suggestion, reminder or graph from the smart watch is calculated based on this large data pool, which proves to be scientific and useful for pregnant women.

With Bluetooth, B-smart can perfectly connect with the most popular app "Happy Pregnancy" in and store the data in the cloud. The interactions between this wearable device and mobile phone can reflect the change of the mother's weight and meet their needs on learning and exchanging during pregnancy, offering a complete smart pregnant life for expectant mothers.

In the future, B-smart can connect with many kinds of third-party devices to monitor the fetus heart rate, air quality, etc. will maintain a fast speed in updating and launching new products of the series. The future devices will support interaction between couples, helping expectant fathers better understand the mother and child's physical condition through the statistics provided by wearable devices.

It will also develop cloud frames, children's watches and other third-party devices, meeting pregnant women and mothers' requirements on the family's health and security.

2013 is known as "the first year of smart wearable devices" in the smart device industry. According to data released by consultancy firm Juniper Research, smart wearable devices are about to see a dramatic rise in 2014. US$1.4 billion has been spent on smart devices including smart watches in 2013 and the market will grow to US$19 billion in 2018. is determined to lead the trend in this sector within the mother care industry.

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