China's Piano Manufacturing Technology Reaches European (International) Level

Jul 13, 2012, 07:01 ET from Pearl River Piano

BEIJING, July 13, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- This was announced at the launch for the Kayserburg Artist (KA) series of products recently released by Pearl River Piano. Liu Shikun, a well-known pianist, read out the appraisal report on KA jointly issued by China's authorities: the acoustic quality and performance have reached international professional levels, with the overall performance reaching levels of international (European) high-end pianos.

The KA series applies several technologies pioneered by China, such as chord disharmony coefficient design theory, soundboard vibration mode analysis technology and maple-rosewood bending structure bridge design, reaching the international first-class level.

The appraisal report jointly issued by CNLIC and the Branch for Piano of CIMA shows the KA series has reached international professional levels in two key technical indices of acoustic quality and play performance, with the overall performance leading in China and reaching levels of international (European) pianos, which will greatly promote improving China's piano manufacturing technology and push it to reach international top levels.

To march into the high-end market, Pearl River Piano launched China's first professional high-end brand – Pearl River - Kayserburg Piano in 2007. For development and design, it employed German-Swiss Mr. Lothar Tohmma who is one of the few top piano designers worldwide as the senior technical consultant and Swiss Mr. Stephen as the technical director, to join the efforts of its own technical team. The product uses precious high quality white pine and ebony as materials, chords and hammer heads imported from Germany and was assembled according to European international top piano technologies and processing standards. The KA series piano is another technical improvement achievement of Pearl River Piano after five years of business of Kayserburg piano.

Pearl River Piano is a piano manufacturer with the highest yield and sales worldwide, with products sold to over 180 countries and regions including Europe and America. The yield in 2011 reached 116,000 pieces, sharing 25% of the total global output. The professional high-end market was monopolized in fact by European brands of Steinway, 3B, etc. before, and Japanese, Korean and Chinese brands represented by Pearl River Piano had been in the lower and middle parts of the industry pyramid. Pearl River Piano, after taking over the indicator of top yield from Korean brands in 2001, has been aspiring to march into the high-end professional piano market and be recognized in brand and reputation.

SOURCE Pearl River Piano