ChinaVenture's LP Summit: Access Route to China's LP Market

Jan 25, 2010, 08:00 ET from ChinaVenture

BEIJING, Jan. 25 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- ChinaVenture, a leading research and consulting institution focusing on China's investment market, will host China's LP Summit-2010 on March 17th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai. The upcoming event will offer a unique platform for domestic and overseas LPs to exchange innovation ideas, share insights on China PE industry's dynamic trends, examine fund investment strategies, and discuss opportunities for collaboration.

As the financial turbulence abated in 2009, China took the lead in achieving economic recovery, ushering in another new era for its PE boom. Since 3Q 2009, a flurry of positive macro and micro economic indicators have suggested that China's financial market has successfully come out of the woods, and is now on track for a strong rebound. Not surprisingly, this outstanding performance amid the global downturn has brought an increasing number of overseas LPs to the local PE market.

Yet how does one develop China-focused investment strategies or evaluate investment opportunities? And how should one select optimal access routes? These are all considerations which are vital to establishing successful future operations in China, and, along with many others, are topics that will be discussed during the upcoming Summit.


Foreign LPs -- Developing China-focused and Global Asset Allocation Strategies

With a booming equity market and a favorable investment climate, China has become the mecca for a growing number of overseas LPs. For these newcomers in China, future success rests not only on understanding the intrinsic characteristics of the local market, but some other factors as well. For example, how should they develop their China-focused and global asset allocation strategies? How should they identify and evaluate investment opportunities? What are the benefits and risks for investing in franchise name-brand funds? This forum aims to provide insights on these issues through in-depth discussions and face-to-face interaction with local counterparts.

Chinese LPs -- How to Foster a Mature LP Market by Drawing on Overseas Experience

A brief review of China's LP evolution over the past few years may be helpful to many of us. Should there be an independent roadmap for China's LP industry? How should we evaluate China's PE regulatory regimes? And what could we learn from the development and experience of overseas markets? At the gathering, mainstream Chinese LPs will have the chance to conduct a thorough examination of these issues, chart out an appropriate roadmap for domestic LP growth, and discuss strategies for further development.

The Added Value of Fund of Funds

A panel discussion focusing on issues regarding Fund of Funds' added value will be arranged for both local and foreign LPs and GPs, covering topics such as Portfolio Structuring, GP Selection, Fund Performance Evaluation, Outstanding Management Team Identification, Prospects for China-focused FOFs and RMB-denominated FOFs, and the Financial/Operational Viability for RMB- denominated FOFs.

Coordinating GP/LP Relationships to Create a Win-win Situation

The nature of fiduciary relationships between LP and GP has been a topic of discussion for many years. How should we foster and handle LP/GP relations within the domestic context? How should LPs identify and select outstanding management teams? How should GPs optimize their fundraising strategies and control the pace of their efforts in response to lengthening fundraising cycles? This forum will provide seasoned LPs and GPs with the chance to brainstorm and interact face-to-face in hopes of bringing about some innovative solutions.

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