Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Releases the Risk Rating Report of Online Lending Platforms: 5 Companies Received AA

May 20, 2015, 22:52 ET from

BEIJING, May 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Risk Rating Report of China Online Lending Platforms guided by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Banking Regulatory Commission and People's Bank of China was officially released. In the report, 5 companies received scores over 80 and are rated as AA companies regarding of their risk level, 20 companies received scores between 70-80 and are rated as A, and other companies received scores below 70 and are rated as BBB or lower., owned by China Ping An Group, wins the first place with a score of 89 and is rated as AA; follows with a score of 83 and is rated as AA; gets the bronze medal with a score of 81 and is rated as AA; ranks sixteenth with a score of 71 and is rated as A; falls behind as No. 20 with a score of 70 and is rated as A; ranks twenty-sixth with a score of 69 and is rated as BBB.

The online lending risk evaluation system used in the report is factored by four elements including credit risk, operation risk, legal compliance risk and liquidity risk, and coordinated by using over 100 different indexes. The Report of Development of Online Lending Industry (2014-2015) -- Risk Rating and Analysis of P2P Lending Platform is also based on the same system.

Li Yang, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said at the press conference that the report aimed at reducing the risk of P2P lending platforms and helping the healthy growth of Internet finance industry by releasing an evaluation index. Representatives from People's Bank of China and China Banking Regulatory Commission were present and gave speeches of Internet finance innovation and compliance.

At the conference, the sponsor also invited representative enterprises in the industry -- and to share their thoughts.

Yang Xiaojun, the former Deputy Director of Innovation Department of China Banking Regulatory Commission and present Vice President of, said that Internet finance is a new engine of the economy under China's New Normal status. P2P lending industry will play a magnificent role under China's New Normal status. Numerous small and medium-sized and micro enterprises will become important driving force to promote the industry's development.

Keaton Sun, the founder and CEO of, the leading mobile finance company in China, whose number of registered users has broken 18 mln, ranking No. 1 in the industry, systematically explained the company's strategy on mobile finance and the company's big data risk control system specialized in dealing with the six potential risks of P2P lending platforms. Mobile finance is the future of Internet finance industry, Keaton Sun pointed out, the competitive advantage comes from the social networking, scenarios and customization features of mobile Internet.

As the outstanding industrial representatives, guest speakers from and called for the industry regulation to be issued earlier to provide policy foundation for the sound development of China Internet finance industry.

Yang Nan