Chinese Almond Tree, Rare in the World and Unique in China

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SHACHE, Xinjiang, China, April 9, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Almond trees are in full bloom during this time of year. On the banks of the Yarkand (Ye'erqiang) River in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, the almond trees bud and blossom one after another, looking like a sea of flowers. The flower not only spreads its full-bodied fragrance but also presents a harvest omen to people. As one of the four famous dry nuts in the world, almonds are regarded rare in the world and unique in China. The almond fruit produced in Shache County, Xinjiang Autonomous Region is spoken highly of by customers for its unique characteristics and top-quality.

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On April 8, 2012, the local people, to enrich the activities held during the Almond Flower Festival, wear colorful ethnic clothing and perform during the 4th Almond Flower Festival launched in Shache County, Xinjiang Autonomous Region. The local government hopes that such festival activities will drive the development of both almond planting and the processing industries, and thus enhance the income of the locals.

Fragrant Fruits

The almond is regarded as a live fossil as it has a planting history of over 1,300 years since it was introduced to Shache County, Xinjiang Autonomous Region from ancient Persia (now Iran) during the Tang Dynasty (618 B.C.~907 B.C.).

Located in the southwest frontier of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Shache County is neighbored by the Kunlun Mountains to the southeast and the Takla Makan Desert to the northeast. The Yarkand River (Ye'erqiang) also runs across the county. Shache County was a traffic and military hub on the Silk Road in ancient times, and a famous historic and cultural resort that possesses beautiful mountains and a river and integrates humanity insights and natural scenery. Blending the culture of Central Asia and the Chinese culture of the Western Regions, it is also a convenient place that attracts businessmen and folk artisans.

Tourists can reach Urumchi City by air first and then transfer to a train heading for Shache County.

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