Chinese Internet Service Provider InTimes Builds its Own Diversified Internet Ecosystem

Jul 15, 2015, 22:33 ET from Sichuan InTimes Network Software.Ltd

CHENGDU, China, July 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Sichuan InTimes Network Software., Ltd, a Chinese Internet service provider focused on the development of mobile advertising platforms and social platforms for mobile games, is building its own diversified ecosystem by establishing partnerships with vendors within both the upstream and downstream segments, in response to the challenges raised by the increasingly fragmented yet fast-growing Internet sector, in particular its mobile component.  

Diversified product strategy focuses on two core areas 

InTimes's diversified product strategy focuses on two mobile businesses: the company's proprietary social app iHiYo and Haoxingyi's online host platform, GSA, as well as two specialty products: the mobile advertising and marketing site and the integrated game portal 

InTimes rolled out a diversified product strategy in early 2012, when the company was founded. InTimes' first subsidiary 6AD Communication took the lead in the market with the launch of China's first mobile platform-based advertising service, relying on a powerful combination of core technologies, several wholly-owned intellectual properties and several national patents for mobile advertising. In addition, the company has become a pioneer in the field of big data analysis with the launch of a proprietary big data system which enables precise and smart placement of advertising while preventing click fraud.  

With the rise of mobile games, InTimes developed the mobile game information platform Wanjidao and rolled out its mobile title Mei Shi Shu Yang Yang (mssyy). With positive feedback from players, the company secured 52 million yuan in financing from China-based listed company Guangdong Eastone Century Technology (stock code: 300310) in 2014. This investment helped InTimes continue its exploration into different business models and further strengthened its presence in the mobile sector. 

In 2015, despite the rising level of competition being observed across the sector, InTimes launched its mobile product iHiYo for the game and social media markets and its unique Beautiful Game Host Live Broadcast service by leveraging its strengths and its strategic portfolio. InTimes now has completed the build out of its diversified portfolio of mobile advertising, content and social media businesses. With its innovative platforms, the company has established an entire mobile ecosystem across the game, mobile advertising and media sectors. 

iHiYo rolls out new game and social media models 

Game and social media application iHiYo, InTimes' revolutionary product created during the build out of the products and services portfolio, provides an innovative solution by combining games, live programming and social media. In addition to addressing the demand from players for social media services that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and hold the player's interest, iHiYo also focuses on the development of the entire ecosystem by helping application developers add social features to their products and allow game developers to operate one title across several platforms while sharing social channels, significantly increasing player loyalty and engagement. 

In terms of specific features, iHiYo converges the user with the game, enabling the player to establish a social relationship with the mobile game through online chat and his or her gaming social circle among other features. At the same time, a vast number of games that are both intelligent and challenging are available in iHiYo. The Nearby Friends feature, the quality of the video production and sharing of exciting moments with friends in the player's social circle create a platform that truly converges games with social using the common interest that the players have in the game that is being played.

Featured live and with interactive content presented by beautiful women hosts

Besides various social functions, iHiYo's featured interactive content is broadcast live by strikingly beautiful women hosts, each of whom is also an expert game player in their own right. Combined with comprehensive game resources, iHiYo's engagement with live hosts is at variance with game hosts from other live gaming sites in that other sites simply hire beautiful women who may not necessarily possess any gaming skills or real interest in the game. We combine the thrill of the game with the attractiveness of the host. The result is the perfect combination of interesting games hosted by beautiful women who are themselves all game players and truly skilled in the game at hand. After a careful selection of potential hosts, all of whom are suggested by modelling agencies in the early stage and iHiYo's formal training program to cultivate game skills in the later stage, the hosts are players who actually and genuinely love engaging in the games. They each have their own distinctive set of interests in terms of preferred game content, creating an exclusive feature of what iHiYo has to offer.

In addition to its own proprietary resources, Haoxingyi GSA has established strong partnerships with several domestic real-time video streaming firms including KuGou Fanxing, Woxiuwang, Changba and Laifeng, with the goal of building a comprehensive entertainment and media platform including the production of mini-films, the hosting of a wide variety of recreational activities, event planning as well as game promotion and management. With InTimes' strong online resources, traditional media organizations such as GSA can optimize resource allocation and combine game, mobile advertising with media via innovative platforms in a move to develop a more mature game release ecosystem. 

Building a perfect ecosystem

Under InTimes' diversification strategy, a complete industry chain bringing together app and game developers is in the process of being set up. The complete industry chain includes iHiYo SDK access for application and game developers and integrates the interconnection between mobile and PC, cash flow operations, upselling and other added-value services as well as real-time broadcasting.

For both app and game developers, iHiYo provides a solution for players who would like to build a community and communicate with each other. Via access to the iHiYo SDK through their own apps or game products, iHiYo's live video, the iHiYo community and instant messaging, developers can improve the social functions of their products and significantly increase player engagement and loyalty. iHiYo can help app developers create a revenue stream, through the game downloading function that they can add to their apps. Game developers also benefit, through joint management and operation of the game, channel support and social interaction via the iHiYo platform. Players of different games can network through the cross-platform feature of the iHiYo platform, solving a thorny problem that has long plagued game developers. In addition, game vendors can promote their products by advertising on the iHiYo platform, thanks to the platform's strong user base.

iHiYo also enables cross-screen interaction across the mobile and the PC end points, allowing players not only to make full use of free moments during the day with the convenience and mobility of the iHiYo app on the small screen of their mobile device, but also interact with the game hosts by watching the live broadcast on a large screen, offering players convenience as well as a varied interactive experience.

iHiYo's comprehensive payment system allows for a solid cash flow to downstream and upstream vendors. The system not only supports third-party payment tools including Alipay, online banking and credit cards, but has also created a unified token on the platform -- the iHiYo Coin, with which all products that are accessible via the iHiYo SDK, including both games and apps, can be traded.

iHiYo's video broadcast business can also benefit game and app vendors through the many partnership opportunities that become available. GSA, in the role as the host partner of the iHiYo platform, enables premier hosts to appear on iHiYo's live programming, and welcomes other platforms that would like to cooperate in terms of live programming, in any form where the sharing of content can provide a mutual benefit.

Based on its powerful technologies, InTimes has pioneered the interconnection between games, game information, apps and video broadcasting by launching its unique social app iHiYo in tandem with live video content. Its visionary ecosystem covering the entire industry chain not only provides developers and vendors of all sizes access to innovative apps, but also delivers a genuine win-win for the development of the entire industry.

SOURCE Sichuan InTimes Network Software.Ltd