Chow Tai Seng Commercial Jewelry Design Competition Inspires China's Jewelry Fashion

Jan 16, 2014, 09:00 ET from Chow Tai Seng

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2013 Chow Tai Seng "China Fashion" Commercial Jewelry Design Competition, a large-scale original jewelry design contest hosted by renowned Chinese jewelry brand Chow Tai Seng, was one of China's most anticipated commercial jewelry design competitions in 2013. As jewelry retailers replicate each other's product designs, styles and even marketing approaches in global markets, all of which results in across-the-board homogenization, the Chow Tai Seng "China Fashion" Commercial Jewelry Design Completion with a focus on original and innovative designs is a highly needed injection of new blood into the jewelry market.

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Chow Tai Seng

Chow Tai Seng, organizer of the "China Fashion" Commercial Jewelry Design Competition, was founded 40 years ago and has now become one of China's leading jewelry brands. Since its inception, Chow Tai Seng has been engaged in the diamond and jewelry retail chain business. As of 2013, Chow Tai Seng had 40 regional operations management units nationwide and 2,300 chain stores in over 300 cities in 32 provinces.

Breaking the vicious cycle of homogenization and giving rise to a new wave of original jewelry design in China

Chow Tai Seng launched the 2013 edition of the "China Fashion" Commercial Jewelry Design Competition in September 2013. At variance with other contests targeted exclusively at professional designers, the "China Fashion" competition is open to individuals from all around the world, including professionals, college students and amateurs, extending the pool of potential participants beyond the closed world of jewelry professionals. The strategy also reflects Chow Tai Seng' desire to break the vicious cycle of homogenization in jewelry design. In addition to providing opportunities for each and every comer, Chow Tai Seng also focuses on the specialization aspect of the competition. Five jewelry design masters were invited to be on-site and offer guidance to participants.

The top 10 entries have now been selected, and their designs will be produced and made available as "designer collections," which can be pre-ordered at any of Chow Tai Seng's 2,300 shops nationwide. Consumers will soon see the jewelry pieces originally conceived by these outstanding designers at the competition. As a result, the global jewelry market is expected to witness a new wave of original designs.

The gift of Chow Tai Seng

The Chow Tai Seng China Fashion Commercial Jewelry Design Competition offers more than great jewelry pieces to the Chinese jewelry market. The real value is the grooming of a group of excellent designers for China's jewelry industry! These young designers, by continuously upgrading their skill sets and enriching their experience, have the potential to become important figures in the industry. This is also a gift Chow Tai Seng, as one of China's famous jewelry brands, gives back to society.

China indeed is home to so many magnificent artworks that a number of the world's most renowned scholars are willing to dedicate their life to their research. Today, China is in a fast period of development in terms of both its economy as well as science and technology. During this period, the most talented among the country's populace will certainly rise to the occasion and create amazing miracles with Chinese cultural characteristics.

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