Christian Marriage Retreat Introduced by Total Health Institute

THI Helping Couples Restore Total Health to Relationships

Oct 23, 2012, 05:44 ET from Total Health Institute

WHEATON, Ill., Oct. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- It was recently announced that The Total Health Institute ( (THI) has launched a new program specifically designed to restore total health to marriages. THI's Christian Marriage Retreat ( employs a unique, holistic approach to restoring health and balance to a married couple, blending physical, emotional and spiritual disciplines to restore or strengthen the marital bond.


"Our approach to helping build and nurture healthy relationships is based on our holistic approach to well-being, and it starts with 7 Basic Steps to Total Health," stated Dr. Keith Nemec of THI. "We begin by addressing physical health, and use detailed analyses to address any imbalances in the nervous system, hormones, or in the digestive and detoxification systems. Only then, after the physical nature of health is addressed and understood, do we move on to handling individual and couple-related mental and emotional blockages. Today's married couples are facing many unique challenges, so our retreat is designed to help them learn how to use the tools to come back to each other for the love and support needed to thrive, truly the two becoming one."

The Christian Marriage Retreat is the latest effort by THI to offer individuals completely holistic, drug-free approaches to a number of health and well-being issues. THI reports ongoing successes in alternative cancer treatments and treating the cause of conditions such as fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome, making them one of the leading alternative healing facilities in the country. "What sets us apart, in addition to the comprehensive testing and our extensive research offered," Dr. Nemec stated, "is we see the basic cause and effect relationship of health problems. By addressing marriages with this same careful examination and systematic restoration of balance and energy, we are better able to empower a lasting, positive change. It is important to know that what you do to your body you are also doing to your mind and emotions. Our marriage retreat is uniquely effective, because we treat marriages much like you would treat any other aspect of your health; we are addressing the whole person in body, mind, emotions and spirit instead of focusing on just one part. We provide the guidance and information needed to keep relationships healthy and free from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages long after the actual retreat has concluded. Our Christian Marriage Retreat is designed to restore and rejuvenate relationships, and to offer a clear step by step approach to continue remaining strong in body, mind, emotions and spirit - both individually, and also together as a married couple."

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About Total Health Institute:
The Total Health Institute is a Christ-centered, alternative healing center in the US that utilizes completely holistic, drug-free methods to treat a wide variety of health concerns and illnesses. Located in Wheaton, IL, the Total Health Institute offers both inpatient and outpatient services, customized to each patient's specific imbalances. The facility utilizes this non-traditional approach to seek out and treat the root causes of health problems, rather than addressing only the disease or diagnosis itself. Health associates are standing by to schedule consults with potential patients that may want more information on the methods and services offered by the Total Health Institute, at 1-630-871-0000.

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